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Administrative services staff are facility manager, technical manager, helpdesk, admin executives, supervisors, and office staff , who will plan, deploy, plan, estimate, coordinate, and direct the activities to help the organization run effectively. The specific responsibilities may vary with the organization, but the basic responsibility will be in line.

Staff from CleanPro also maintain, supervise the facility, record keeping, office upkeep, effective communication with the client as per the requirement. In an organization such as residential and commercial buildings, administrative staff will inspect the operational activities at the site in regular intervals and maintain proper records to ensure the proper running of the entire system.

Admin staff will interact with the clients on their issues, plans, repairs and support them in all the requirements as per the service level agreement with the company. Prompt feedback will be recorded using the latest IT tools to keep the quality improving all the time.

Ethics in the organization and the workplace is the most important factor in the facility management industry. We have implemented ethical standards to fasten both employee-employer relationships and employer–customer relationships. Analytical and Problem-Solving Facility Manager with a good amount of experience will be a unique combination to find faults and solve the issues.

Staff deployed at the site will ensure that the site operations are well maintained as per the company standards and Service level agreement, and CleanPro will be responsible to train and keep the staff motivated to work under extreme pressure and handle complex situations.


Our objective is creating an accommodating work environment for all our employees, ensure safety and security of each individual working with


Establishing processes brings order to the work environment and ensure all the activities are inline with the expectations.


To upkeep and and improve the building infrastructure, plan, and manage the assets applying the latest technologies in the market

What are the essential qualities of admin staff deployed for facility management?

The facility management team has to establish a healthy relationship with all the working staff and the client. They must show necessary confidence in identifying and presenting the issues and solutions to the clients and deal diplomatically and sensitively with the clients, vendors, and staff.

What does the facility Manager do?

The facility manager will try and operate the day-to-day activities at the site, handles breakdown challenges, maintains records, motivate and train the on-ground support. He will be the one point of contact for all the site operations. The facility manager’s role is essential to handle the staff group of more than 15-20 ground staff effectively and efficiently.

Responsibilities of the facility management company?

The Facility Management company anticipates the potential needs of the property, mainly in fields such as energy savings and optimization. It is the responsibility of a facility management company that all the resources are utilized most efficiently and effectively and provide justified returns in terms of maintaining the quality of the standards. It ensures that all the staff deployed are trained properly in their respective work areas and ensures all the regulations, compliance, and policies are the company and client are followed