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We offer seamless EV Infrastructure for Organizations, Home & Societies, Malls & Hotels, Offices & Work Spaces

Adequate charging infrastructure is the key prerequisite that will define the adoption trends of EVs in India. EVs carry limited onboard energy in the battery packs which need charging from time to time depending upon the battery pack, size, and capacity. Charging systems are therefore essential for the sustainable operation of EVs. The charging requirement depends not only on the kind of vehicle (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and bus) but also on the utility purpose i.e. passenger or commercial. The Government of India has set a target to electrify 70% of all commercial vehicles, 30% of private cars, 40% of buses, and 80% of two-wheeler and three-wheeler sales by 2030. This target entails simultaneous penetration of charging stations across India. The Government of India has been supporting the EV industry through schemes such as FAME1 and FAME2 with a major focus on charging infrastructure. The industry players too have been quite optimistic and shown an active interest in the overall EV Charging ecosystem. While EVs are being worked upon by major OEMs, an ecosystem for the development of chargers, charging stations, and other services are steadily being built.

The charging infrastructure is the backbone of electric mobility but is also one of the keys perceived barriers to EV adoption in India given its limited availability and long charging times.

India is picking up the pace in setting up the charging infra but not as much as is there in other regions like European Union (EU), USA or China. High operating cost, Discom load, and the uncertainty related to utilization rates of charging stations are holding back the charge operators from expanding their current reach.

Consumers and fleets considering electric vehicles (EVs)—which include all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)—need access to charging stations. For most drivers, this starts with charging at home or at fleet facilities. Charging stations at workplaces and public destinations may help bolster market acceptance by offering more flexible charging opportunities at commonly visited locations.

Charging the growing number of EVs in use requires a robust network of stations for both consumers and fleets.

Charging equipment for EVs is classified by the rate at which the batteries are charged. Charging times vary based on how depleted the battery is, how much energy it holds, the type of battery, and the type of charging equipment (e.g., charging level, charger power output, and electrical service specifications). The charging time can range from less than 20 minutes to 20 hours or more, depending on these factors. When choosing equipment for a specific application, many factors, such as networking, payment capabilities, and operation and maintenance, should be considered.

With rising surge in petrol pricing electric vehicles have become a boom in market. Days are not far when we will not be using petrol or diesel as fuel. With cheaper and better economic facilities electric vehicles like Ather, Ola , Reva have already started acquiring the market, with Petrol and diesel we ensured a safe architecture and infrastructure so why not do the same with electric vehicle.

It’s just simple charge and use formula.
We as cleanpro provide you with safe and sound electric vehicle infrastructure just charge and ride.

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What is included in constructing an infrastructure
• Getting permission from BESCOM
• All Civil and electrical work
• All Cabling (with or without material)
• Testing and ensuring your line is safe

Make your society future ready!! Get your EV infrastructure now save fuel be advanced