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Facility Management is the discipline particularly focused on the effective and efficient handling of all the services related to building management. All the maintenance operations related to the complete building will be taken care of. Facility management as a complete structure manages – complete Administrative, security, customer support, technical operations, building maintenance, water, electricity solid waste, housekeeping and green space maintenance, finance, and many more.

CleanPro is a professional and complete facility management service provider that offers all the services and one-stop solutions for all types of commercial and residential properties.

One of our best methods is to train and employ in-house staff to maintain the standard, quality, and continuity of the services. We deliver the right products and services for cost-effectiveness satisfying client needs in both the short and long term. We follow the practice to take customer feedback to measure how well we are doing and relate them with our internal standards to improve.

We provide trained managers and staff for all the departments and will be frequently briefed and motivated by our back-office Sr. Managers to maintain the consistency of the services.


Our objective is creating an accommodating work environment for all our employees, ensure safety and security of each individual working with


Establishing processes brings order to the work environment and ensure all the activities are inline with the expectations.


To upkeep and and improve the building infrastructure, plan, and manage the assets applying the latest technologies in the market

What is Facility Management?

Facility Management is a sector of business that deals with the handling of complete building units, monitoring, and controlling a wide variety of services and departments under one section. Facility Management services consist of and are not limited to office Administrative, housekeeping and landscaping, security, finance, customer handling, water, electricity, vendor, repairs, preventive maintenance, and many more…

What does Facility Management Company Do?

CleanPro is a Facility Management Company that takes care of end-to-end solutions such as training of staff under different departments and categories, deployment, taking care of the well-being of the entire workmen. We deploy in-house staff for all the services and do not outsource.

We ensure that all the areas are well maintained and intact with the standards. As a facility management company, we ensure that all the necessary preventive maintenance activities, repairs, replacements are carried out most cost-effectively and efficiently. For detailed scope of work, please talk to our representative now.

What is covered under facility Management Services?

Facility Management services cover mainly Building and Infrastructure Maintenance such as planning, optimization, workmen, repairs, leasing and maintenance, and People and Customer Support such as Cleaning, training, catering, Human Resource, finance, marketing, and hospitality