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First impression is the best impression” is a popular quote. Nowhere does this matter more than in an office or retail place when your customer walks in and goes around your place, making sense of the surroundings. How the place looks and smells creates an impact that cannot be easily expressed.

And to get the office sparkly clean, you cannot just use an in-house cleaning team. This is not because they would not be good at their job, but because a professional cleaning service would do the office cleaning a lot better. Hope this page helps to clarify why a professional office deep cleaning service in Bangalore crew will make a difference.

Services Provided in Commercial Cleaning:

Dust cleaning:

A dust cleaning service helps to clean the dust collected on surfaces. Dust cleaning is done in accordance with OSHA regulations, ensuring that all possible precautions are taken when dust cleaning is done.

Window cleaning:

The glass windows are at first dusted and then cleaned using a glass cleaner. All precautions are taken to ensure that any abrasive particles present on the window surface are removed. This will prevent any scratches being formed on the window glass during the cleaning process.

Floor cleaning:

From deep office carpet cleaning to hydro-force cleaning for tile and grout, a commercial cleaning services company in Bangalore provides all the necessary services to keep your office floors looking clean. The floors are cleaned with wet cloth or mop and polished to make them appear new and all precautions are taken with the cleaning materials and equipment depending on the surface.

Restroom cleaning:

Cleaning the restroom is a crucial part of office cleaning and must be done with great attention to detail and must be cleaned regularly. The surfaces must be scrubbed down thoroughly and if necessary heavy-duty cleaners must be used.

Kitchen and pantry area cleaning:

The kitchen and pantry areas in the office also need regular cleaning. The kitchen surfaces must be kept free of oil and heavy stains and the dishes and utensils must be regularly washed to a good shine. The upkeep of the kitchen is crucial to the health of the employees.

Stairwell and elevator cleaning:

The stairwell must be cleaned regularly as employees may use the stairs and the service teams might use them too. The elevator is a closed space, and this too must be cleaned regularly to create a hygienic environment for everyone. Both service and regular elevators must be cleaned regularly. The service elevators may require regular deep cleaning and deodorizing as opposed to the regular elevators.

Trash removal:

The trash also has to be segregated into wet and dry waste in every area of the office, collected in proper trash bins. Post this segregation, the waste is then transported in trucks to the waste handling facility from where it will go for disposal or recycling.

Why should you avail the services of a professional cleaning company for office cleaning?

Why should you avail the services of a professional cleaning? company for office cleaning?

Every employee spends at least 8 hours at the office on average, using the cubicles housing computers and communication equipment, the restrooms, and the cafeteria and smoking areas. So, a professional cleaning company must be employed for office cleaning services in Bangalore, because of the following reasons.

Office is a high-risk location:

This means that if the office is generally unclean and if it houses a large number of employees, then the possibility of the spread of disease is much higher. You must subscribe to the services of a company that can provide an assurance of quality for the services it provides.

Different areas require different types of cleaning:

The restrooms and the cubicles and kitchen are separate areas that need different types of cleaning. Some places will require deep cleaning, others a bit of supervised cleaning, and still others specialized cleaning methods or material.

Requires a cleaning service that is flexible with timings:

If your office operates on the night shift, then you would need a cleaning service that works during the day and vice versa. If you are cleaning on the weekend, the cleaning crew must be available then too. All of these varying conditions can be supported only by a professional cleaning services company in Bangalore.

Why should you get your commercial space cleaned by CleanPro?

1. CleanPro is the top business/office cleaning service provider in Bangalore, and one preferred partner for the cleaning of several commercial spaces in the city.

2. Only top-of-the-line cleaning materials and equipment are used. They are safe for the surface, the planet and the employees working in space.

3. A physical health check of every janitor guarantees that they are disease free. You can be worry free that they will not be the cause of any disease.

4. Our service personnel are trained in Dubai and have at least 5 years of verified experience.

5. Our personnel follow checklists thoroughly and we also adhere to any special instructions the customer may have.

6. We provide customized office cleaning solutions that combine several different types of cleaning (deep cleaning, restroom cleaning, window cleaning etc.) to provide a sophisticated and complete cleaning experience.

7. A guarantee of quality is there for every cleaning service we undertake. Our services are insured too.

8. A booking made with us can be rescheduled or cancelled with ease. We also offer flexible payment options for each booking.

9. There are no hidden costs in our commercial cleaning service in Bangalore. Once agreed upon, the price does not change either, or you needn’t pay the service person extra.