1. GST at 18% will be charged extra on the total invoice.
  2. The site must be free from other construction or interior activities being carried out by other vendors during our cleaning process.
  3. All the debris after cleaning (like dust and dry waste) will be cleared by Cleanpro from the work site and will be disposed in the waste segregation place within the client premises.
  4. Work will be executed against confirmation letter/ PO / WO from the client.
  5. The CleanPro shall deploy the personnel at the said premises, with detailed scope of work to provide the services. If any changes in service detailed in the said scope will be made only with the mutual consent and all such changes shall be set out in writing and duly signed off by both the parties.
  6. Cleanpro shall reserve the right of first refusal in case of performance of any services, which are not in the scope of services mentioned herein.
  7. The CleanPro will not be liable in any way whatsoever and the client hereby expressly waives any right to:
  8. Any loss, injury, damage, cost or expense resulting from theft / loss of any movable goods such as Keys, Laptop Computers, Mobile Phones, CD Roms Hard Disks, Organizers or any other similar goods which are not specifically handed over to Clean Pro in writing as part of Scope of work.
  9. Any loss, injury, damage, cost or expense resulting from events where the Client, its employees or agents attributed to such loss, injury , damage, cost or expense.
  10. In case of any theft/pilferage at the said premises, the Service provider and the Client shall conduct a joint enquiry and based on the report of such theft/pilferage, the CleanPro shall give its fullest cooperation n recovering the materials, with the help of the Client to file a FIR with jurisdictional police.
  11. The service provided in pursuance of this Agreement are for the exclusive benefit of the Client and the mentioned Clients premises only and shall not be availed of by any third party or other premises without the prior written consent of the CleanPro.
  12.  The client or the clients representative to be present at the site to sign off the job completion report before the team leaves the site.
  13. The client should certify the work completion report and if any work is pending as per the agreed scope to be addressed immediately before the team departing from the client’s place.
  14. Three days prior information is required for the execution of work.
  15. Stubborn stains (if any) can be removed upto 80% only.
  16. Water and electricity / Generator with the necessary access points to be provided by the client during the execution work.
  17. The client is requested to share an OTP (One time pass code generated by the team) with the team supervisor as part of the process indicating the successful completion of the job as requested by the client.
  18. Mobilization advance of 50% in favor of Cleanpro services Pvt ltd. to be paid along with confirmation letter and balance 50% immediately after completion of work.
  19. Late payment charges of 10% on the total invoice value will be charged extra if the payments are delayed after the agreed payment period.
  20. If the order is getting cancelled on the execution day or cancelling on arrival of the team at the site, the client has to pay 75% of the total quotes value as the cancellation charges.
  21. The Client shall not require any of the Cleanpro personnel deployed in connection with the Service to carry out any duties of functions other than those provided for in this Agreement, without the prior written consent of Service provider
  22. Any additional work during the course shall be brought to the notice of the client & will be carried out after necessary approval.
  23. Payment shall be done through online transfer and below is the bank details.

Transfer Details:
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Account Number: 32467825898
IFSC Code: SBIN 0000813

NOTE : Our services include Home and Office Painting, Pest Control services, Fumigation and Sanitization, Gardening, Services, Carpet and Sofa shampooing, Façade cleaning, Property Maintenance and Shower cubicle restoration and Nano coating.