Air Duct and Vent Cleaning in Bangalore

Clean air is a gift of nature, and it is absolutely vital for the existence of every living being on this planet. The rise in air pollution has led to people even wearing masks where the air quality index is very low. But people overlook the quality of air, when this is also very important. When the air vents and ducts (that carry the air outside) are clogged with dust and debris or when they are damaged by rodents and other pests, an air duct and vent cleaning service becomes an absolute necessity.

Why Should You Get the Air Ducts and Vents Cleaned Regularly?

An air duct and vent cleaning service is indispensable for any building owner. There are three routes for the vents and ducts and all three must be cleaned properly – supply, intake, and return. The air duct and vent cleaning service might also include cleaning of the fans, the grills and the other fixtures in the HVAC equipment in place.

Over time, there can be a buildup of heavy pollutants, dust, dirt and other particles, not to mention an infestation by rodents and other pests. The best way to prevent such buildup from happening is to use a professional cleaning services partner who inspects, analyzes and then arrives at a method to clean the vents and ducts to clean on a regular basis.

This happens probably once every two to three years or probably even every year, especially if there are a large number of employees and the air conditioning system is used heavily. There is heavier use mostly in the summer months in warmer countries like India and the winter season in colder countries like the United States.

You can clean the air vents and ducts by yourself if you choose to, by using simple tools as a long brush and a sponge and cleaning liquid from over the counter. The problem is that you never know what is lurking in those vents and just for your safety, personal hygiene and to ensure a complete and foolproof job done quickly, you must use a professional air duct and vent cleaning service, which would also bring in better materials and equipment.

What Are the Steps in Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Service at Office?

There are three steps for cleaning the ducts and vents in a home or office. They are:

  • Pre-inspection: 

In the pre-inspection phase, a technician arrives and then: 

  1. Assesses access routes to the duct, so he can prepare the cleaning process 
  2. Makes a note of the condition of the ducts and vents so he can prepare for cleaning
  3. Shortlists a method for cleaning that is most appropriate for the condition 
  • Actual cleaning of the duct:

In this phase, the actual cleaning of the duct begins. A negative pressure is created, so that the dust and debris from the vents do not get collected and instead move to a vacuum collection unit.

  • Walk-through inspection: 

A walk-through inspection is done as the last step of the air duct and vent cleaning service to ensure that the air ducts and vents have been cleaned to perfection and that no dirt or debris or pests remain in the duct.

Air duct cleaning services
Air duct cleaning services

Why Should You Get the Vents and Ducts Cleaned by Cleanpro?

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  5. Our workers follow a checklist for every air duct and vent cleaning service and execute the work as per special instructions from you and with attention to detail.
  6. We offer a 100%-damage-free experience. In this case, your vents, the grills, fans, and other fixtures would be intact.
  7. If the air duct cleaning is not done properly and by verified professionals, then it can actually reduce the quality of indoor air, leading to health hazards. 
  8. Only an air duct cleaning professional who is qualified would know how to analyse the extent of damage caused to the air ducts and if the cause is actually mold formation or some other factor.
  9. Our plans are value for money, with bookings made easy to reschedule or cancel as the customer chooses, up to a certain time before the appointment. We offer secure and convenient payment options for every booking.