Defending Your Domain: Expert Pest Control Services

Is your space infested by cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, ants, rodents or other pests? If yes, then you need a pest control service for your place. Your home or office is meant to be a hygienic space and needs to be free from pests. This is why you need pest control services. A pest infestation also has a definite bad impression on the guests or clients you invite and becomes a tell-all about the poor hygiene and maintenance. 

What Are the Common Kinds of Pests?

Hygiene and regular cleaning play an important role in preventing pests from taking over your home or office, but sometimes these things don't help, and you will soon notice an infestation.

The most common areas where you will see rodents, cockroaches, and ants are in the kitchen area—behind the gas stoves, on the gas pipes, around the chimney and other places. You can also find pests in other areas like washrooms.

Pest Control Prices for One Time

Pest Control services prices in bangalore


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

Terms & Conditions:  

  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.
  • 100% Half yearly Advance payment.
  • Subscription price will depend on the sq ft area.
  • Subscription period cannot be changed upon confirmation.
  • Client to confirm the execution date at least a week in advance by calling our Customer Care.

Pests Destroyed in our Pest Control Service in Bangalore

A professional pest control service can eliminate all the pests possible in any space. Let us now look at some of the pest that are killed in a pest control service in Bangalore: 

  • Cockroaches:

    Cockroaches are one of the main reasons for food contamination. So, if you are tired of spraying and killing a million cockroaches in your kitchen and bathroom area, it's time to go for a pest control service.

  • Termites:

    Generally, termite attacks are seen inside cupboards, wooden window frames, and furniture like sofas, tables and more. And it is almost impossible in many cases to restore the furniture to its original condition, once attacked by termites. 

  • Mosquitoes:

    Mosquitoes not only make us ill; mosquito-borne diseases can be fatal too. Mosquitoes spread and carry disease more in the rainy season. If the monsoon is coming, stay vigilant.


The place that is infested most by rats and rodents is the kitchen. They contaminate food, packaged foods, fruits and other items. An unclean kitchen can be a home to rodents that can bring on many diseases.

  • Ants:

    Ants can cause rashes and irritation of the skin. Some ant bites are known to be even deadly. Frequent ant attacks cannot be controlled by using just turmeric powder.

  • Silverfish:

    Silverfish generally attack books and can cause a lot of damage. Silverfish can also attack fabric.

  • Bedbugs:

    Bedbugs can infest your home from various sources like luggage and infested furniture. They can cause severe skin reactions in some people.

What Are the Pest Control Services in Bangalore that Cleanpro Offers?

CleanPro is a one-step destination offering different professional cleaning services under pest control. Because different kinds of pest attacks require different approaches and different procedures to deal with.

The highly trained and experienced staff at Clean Pro offers:

General pest control service In this service, we include treatment against ants, spiders, lizards, bed bugs etc.

We also offer several specialized services for other pests:

  • Termite control service

  • Cockroach control

  • Rodents / Rat control

  • Mosquito fogging

  • Beehive removal


Pest control services in Bangalore

Why Choose Cleanpro for Pest Control Services in Bangalore?

There are so many benefits of choosing CleanPro for a professional pest control service.

  1. We are experienced in identifying the pests and delivering the best solutions.
  2. We suggest plans according to the requirements of our clients and keeping in mind the extent and the impact of infestation.
  3. We use only certified chemicals. We use only those equipment and chemicals approved by the government and safe to use.
  4. We also give multiple treatments if the level of infestation is high. Because we believe in offering our customers the best, we give you the best advice for pest control treatment for your place.
  5. In addition, we also deliver preventive pest control services for new settlements.


In addition to all these benefits of choosing the best pest control service, CleanPro is known for on-time delivery of services, experienced staff, professionalism, affordable prices, safety and hygiene, and quick response time. So, contact our customer support team, make an appointment at your convenience, and get the place pest-free.


CleanPro takes all the precautions while performing a pest control service. But it is always advisable to bring forward health-related concerns or any allergy you may have, so that we can go for alternatives.

CleanPro advises keeping babies away for at least 2 to 7 days after going for a pest control service at your home or office!