Tank and Sump Cleaning Services in Bangalore

A clean water tank is one of the most important prerequisites for a healthy and happy life. The water tanks in our house supply water to taps in the kitchen, washing area, washrooms, and washbasins in our house, used by adults and children. Clean water to consume, not just for drinking, but also for bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands etc. is an absolute necessity.  Therefore, it is extremely important to have a clean water tank or a sump. And a water tank cleaning service becomes a worthy investment. A sump is most popularly used for rainwater harvesting in India, and one must use a sump and tank cleaning service at least once a month. 

What Is Water Tank and Sump Cleaning?

It is the process of cleaning the water tanks and sump by removing the sludge and algae from the inner surfaces of water tanks.

Why Do You Need Professional Water Tank Cleaning?

We all need to get the water tanks cleaned regularly as sludge, bacteria, and algae accumulate in the water tanks, making the water unfit to consume in any form, be it for brushing, bathing, kitchen use, washing or any other purpose.


Consumption of dirty or contaminated water in any of the forms can be a cause for many diseases, infections, or skin rashes. Therefore, it is essential to have a clean water tank and sump. Clean and hygienic water is one of the most important things to be included if you want to maintain your family's good health. So, pick a water tank cleaning service that follows a stringent process for the cleaning 

Tank cleaning services in bangalore

Tank & Sump Cleaning Prices for One Time

Tank and sump cleaning services


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.
Tank and sump cleaning services

Process of Water Tank Cleaning

There is a complete and thorough process that CleanPro's professional cleaners follow to clean the tanks and bring back the hygiene level. When we go for a professional sump cleaning service in Bangalore, you aim to get the tanks free from sludge, bacteria, and algae. Below is the stepwise process that we follow:

  1. Mechanized dewatering of the water tank and the sump
  2. Remove sludge that have accumulated over the years
  3. Scrub the inner surfaces of the tanks thoroughly
  4. Clean with high-pressure water
  5. Remove the dirty water and sludge
  6. Use an anti-bacterial spray to treat bacteria
  7. Use UV light treatment to finish the cleaning

What Are the Benefits of Getting Your Water Tanks Cleaned from Clean Pro?

CleanPro is a leading professional water tank cleaning service provider. We love giving our customers a satisfactory experience. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose CleanPro: 


  1. Experienced staff:

    CleanPro has a team of experienced cleaners who know exactly how to carry out a sump and tank cleaning service and bring them back to their original cleanliness. We work efficiently, are good at managing time, and are trained to work on the toughest kind of stains, algae growth, and sludge.

  2. Environment-friendly:

    CleanPro uses environment-friendly chemicals, which get the job done and are good for the planet too. You cannot get these chemicals over the counter.

  3. Affordable prices:

    With affordability as a primary focus, we provide the best water tank and sump cleaning service at competitive prices without compromising on quality. 

  4. On-time services:

    When you choose CleanPro, you are choosing on-time arrival and cleaning of your water tanks. We value everyone's time, and therefore, we stick to our promised completion times and appointment schedules.

  5. A thorough approach:

    When it comes to a tank and sump cleaning service, we are the first choice of so many people because of our complete deep cleaning process. We inspect, analyze, and only then start, with great attention to detail.

  6. Professionalism:

    If you are scheduling an appointment with CleanPro, you can expect professionalism at every point of contact. Right from our on-ground cleaning professionals to the customer support service, we work with utmost sincerity to bring you high-quality services and satisfaction.

  7. Advice and recommendations:

    After carefully analyzing the present state of the tank and sump, we give you the right plans, advice, and recommendations.

  8. Safety of our clients:

    We do thorough background checks of every professional who visits your house and make sure that they too stay in very hygienic conditions.

Right kind of equipment:

We are regularly looking at better alternatives in the market to upgrade our cleaning technology and materials. With our professional and up-to-date cleaning equipment, you can count on us to get a job well done.