Post Construction Cleaning Services in Bangalore

You built your dream home/office but did you take care of the health of your loved ones? Did you know that the impact of inhaling construction dust on your health is very severe? Inhaling silica construction dust can cause silicosis, which is incurable and can be fatal. Long-term exposure to construction dust can lead to respiratory disease or lung cancer. Wood dust is the second type of construction dust. Inhaling wood dust can lead to asthma and cancer.

The third type of construction dust is the low toxicity dust, which is created after working on limestone, gypsum, dolomite etc. Inhaling this type of dust can lead to chronic lung conditions. So get rid of that construction dust as soon as possible to ensure the health and hygiene of the future residents and with it the debris and other dirt onsite and present a clean and healthy face for your property to your guests as well. You need to avail a post construction cleaning service, especially in a city like Bengaluru.

What Are the Steps in a Post Construction Cleaning Service?

These are the steps in a post construction cleaning service which happens after an inspection and review of the extent of cleanup and the possible challenges that will be faced. The post construction cleanup must be performed only by an expert with a mask and gloves and proper equipment. The sequence of the steps may vary on a case by case basis.

  1. Cleaning of doors, glass, frames, cabinet interiors and fixtures
  2. Dusting and cleaning the walls in every room
  3. Dusting of the furniture and fittings placed
  4. Vacuuming of all dusted surfaces.
  5. Removing glue, paint and stickers from the glass
  6. Removing dust from the woodworks and baseboards 
  7. Vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing of all the floors

Why Should You Go for a Professional Post Construction Cleaning Service?

post construction cleaning services in bangaloreA professional from a post-construction cleaning service team will inspect the construction site and the building, quantify the work to be done, and then submit a quote to the customer, letting him or her know when the cleaning will be completed. This is a systematic process that is difficult for an individual to replicate.

Post-construction cleaning service requires equipment such as HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners, pressure wash jets, etc. They are very costly, considering that they are to be used just once, and their prohibitive cost makes availing of a cleaning service a much more reliable and viable option.

The materials required for the post-construction cleaning services are different, and depending on the surface, the chemicals chosen would be different. Only an expert will be able to decide what chemicals to use for what surface.

A post-construction cleaning service is also very extensive and includes the cleaning of various surfaces. Hence, the scope of the work is very broad, and attention to detail is a must. Such jobs are better done by cleaning professionals than by individuals.

A professional post-construction cleaning service team also carries out the work in a very organized manner and with adherence to safety, which helps avoid any possible health hazards from inhaling the different types of dust that are on the construction site.

Why Should You Opt for Cleanpro’s Post Construction Cleaning Service in Bengaluru?

  1. CleanPro is the cleaning service provider for every cleaning need, including post-construction cleaning services in Bangalore.
  2. Only top-of-the-line HEPA-filter-fitted vacuum cleaning devices and pressure washers are used for washing. We check the working conditions of all our equipment periodically to ensure they are in good working condition.
  3. Every service personnel’s health is monitored before they visit your site for cleanup. Make sure that they are disease-free.
  4. Every cleaning service we offer is also insured, which gives the customer great peace of mind.