Complete Home Cleaning Services

Whether you have an apartment or a villa or an independent house, our in-house and professionally trained cleaning staff will ensure on time service delivery and 100% satisfaction.

Please share your space details and service requirements below. We will get back to you with a quotation shortly. We will also share the contact information of our cleaning expert with you before the cleaning begins. All fields are mandatory.

    How CleanPro Works

    Easy scheduling

    Easy Scheduling of Cleaning

    Schedule for a residential cleaning service at a later date, or book weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning and reschedule as many times as you want within the scheduling window.

    Easy online booking

    Easy Online Booking Management

    Manage your online bookings from any device and get all updates over both SMS and mail. Talk to Cleanpro anytime for any customized arrangements or cleaning combos.

    On-time and responsible

    On-Time and Responsible Cleaning

    CleanPro’s professional will arrive at your place on time, with all the necessary materials. You do not have to help us in any way, but offer initial directions if any, and then sit back and relax!

    Easy process

    Booking Your Cleaning Service

    Here’s what we need to know: Your home address and pin code - Home surface area, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms - Date and time of cleaning - Name, phone number and e-mail

    House Cleaning Prices for One Time

    House cleaning prices

    Note: Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

    Why Book Cleaning Services Through CleanPro?

    We offer world-class, detail-oriented and comprehensive cleaning services anywhere in Bangalore. We back our cleaning services in Bangalore with a guarantee of being in service for over a decade. We have tended to the cleaning of one lakh or more homes in this time, and we have always left them in a condition far better than the way we have discovered them. This is evidenced by what customers think of us. And it shows in the glowing reviews they leave behind and the love they shower on social media and other channels. Here’s 4 reasons why we are one of the top-ranking professional cleaning services in Bengaluru.   

    1. In-house staff 
    2. Carefully vetted experts 
    3. 24/7 customer support 
    4. No hidden charges and multiple payment options 


    Endorsed By 600+ Real Customers

    What do We Include in Our Cleaning Services?

    Once you share where and when you want the cleaning done, we quickly move to the what and the how. In fact, you can add specific comments online if you have any special requirements. We will convey the same to our pro, so that when he arrives at your place, he knows exactly how to get the job done in a way that also appeals to you.

    Bathroom Cleaning

    • Dust all surfaces within reach 
    • Wipe down mirrors and fixtures 
    • Wash and sanitise the toilet, tub, shower and drain surroundings 
    • Clean the bathroom floor with tough cleaning liquid 

    Kitchen Cleaning

    • Dust all the visible and hard-to-reach surfaces in the kitchen 
    • Load the dishwasher with the dirty utensils and get them clean 
    • Wipe down the exterior of stove, oven and fridge  
    • Degrease the surfaces that need such cleaning 
    • Clean the floors using tough cleaning liquid  

    Bedroom and Living Room Cleaning

    • Move the items carefully, by dusting each one of them 
    • Dust the tables, shelves, chairs and other furniture in the rooms 
    • Dust the floor and remove the webs from the walls and the ceiling 
    • Wipe the floor with a mild cleaning liquid and ensure there is no abrasion 

    Extras We Offer

    • Cleaning windows and glass mirrors 
    • Cleaning sofa and carpets 
    • Cleaning patio and garage with pressure wash 
    • Painting and polishing the walls 
    • And so much more…