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With rising stress in the workplace, the one resort after a tiring day at the office is the shower. It relaxes and rejuvenates you so that you can rest and go back to the grind again. People generally shower once a day, though many could shower up to three times, which makes it a place you frequent. What happens when this place that is central to your peace of mind falls prey to mold or mildew? It can be very frustrating and when it comes to finally cleaning it, the process can be very time consuming. 

The main problem is that the tiles in the shower get affected and the silicon sealant used on the grout that holds the tiles together can wear off when you use too much force. Another possibility is that there could be an accumulation of dirt under the shower door or the shower glass may get cloudy and the protective material also may wear off. The third possibility is that the shower drain may need to be cleaned very carefully as well, as it may be clogged over time.

Why Should You Go for a Professional Shower Cubicle Cleaning Service?

There is a lot of warmth and moisture inside a shower cubicle. This creates an environment that is very conducive to the growth of mold and mildew. By turning on some ventilation, particularly an exhaust fan within the bathroom or keeping a window open, it is possible to reduce the moisture within the bathroom. This will, to a certain extent, ensure that mold and mildew do not grow. A dehumidifier could also be used, but both these solutions are not feasible, as mold and mildew may still grow. 

There are only two options then for cleaning your shower cubicle. Regular cleaning is the first option, and that can be a chore. The only option then is to go for a deep cleaning service for your shower cubicle. Can you do it by yourself? Not really. Mild removal sprays will not do the job as the mold is well formed and difficult to remove. If you overdo the cleaning and the sealant also wears off, you may have to reapply the sealant so that the grout beneath it remains in place and the tiles are held in place without any damage. If the cleaning liquid allows the sealant to wear off and there is still some mold remaining, then it will penetrate into the grout, and can cause a lot of damage.

Professionals are trained in mold and mildew removal and will not make mistakes in cleaning that could make the situation worse and put your tiles at risk of breakage or wear and tear. Professionals from top cleaning companies also have access to good equipment and cleaning materials that can make the deep cleaning process of shower cubicle cleaning and drain cleaning as easy as ever. They also do the job with great attention to detail and a lot of care, as you would expect from a company providing a premium service. We provide a guarantee of 90% restoration in our shower cubicle restoration service.

Shower Cubicle Restoration Prices for One Time

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Note: Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.

What Are the Steps in Shower Cubicle Cleaning from Cleanpro?

Shower door glass cleaning

Spray some cleaning liquid on the door glass. Clean the shower door glass with a non-abrasive sponge, and then finally wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. There is a different procedure and material to be used if the glass has a protective coating. 

Shower door tracks cleaning

Because the scum from a soap bath and other dirt can accumulate beneath the door, cleaning these tracks under the shower door can be a challenge. For cleaning these tracks, specialised equipment and strong yet eco-friendly chemicals would have to be used.

Shower enclosure drain cleaning

Cleaning a shower drain requires patience, as hair, scum, dirt and heavy sludge would have accumulated there. To ensure that the storm drain is cleaned to perfection, we use strong chemicals and advanced equipment. But we also take care that the chemicals do not damage the plumbing lines. 

Shower floor and tiles

Cleaning the shower floor and tiles can be a very tiresome task, and while cleaning them, as mentioned earlier, there could be unintentional damage. While people often use homemade remedies such as rubbing with lime juice, this is not recommended if it is not a stone surface or if you want a premium and complete cleaning experience.

Why Should You Go for Shower Cubicle Cleaning from Cleanpro?

  1. The number 1 cleaning service provider in Bangalore, CleanPro is a cleaning service provider of repute, with 100% customer satisfaction and hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers
  2. Use of premium cleaning products from 3M and equipment from top companies ensure a superior cleaning job. We use environment-friendly products that are good for the planet and great for our customer’s health too.
  3. Workers are professionally trained in how to carry out the cleaning process. They are experienced, reliable, and trustworthy professionals who have at least 4 to 5 years of verified experience in cleaning services.
  4. Our workers follow a checklist for every job and execute the work as per special instructions from you and with attention to detail.
  5. We offer a guarantee of a month on our washing and a 100%-damage-free experience. In this case, your tiles, fittings and fixtures would be intact. In addition, our services are insured, which ensures that you can remain worry-free.
  6. Our plans are affordable and value for money, with bookings made being easy to reschedule or cancel as the customer chooses up to certain time before the appointment. We offer secure and convenient payment options for every booking.
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