Pressure Washing Service in Bangalore

Everybody loves a great morning walk, and it is then when the sun is out that we notice the uncleanliness around. Ever walked down the sidewalk or the steps of your porch and notice how heavily soiled it is or how heavily dusted or dirty the railings are? It is difficult to get rid of some dirt with just a regular wash. 

Hiring a pressure wash service is your go-to in such a case. In a pressure wash, water at a high temperature and pressure is directed at a hard surface, such as cement or concrete or metal, to remove the dirt and soil, salt, grime, and grease that has clung to the surface and is not easily removable otherwise.

What Are the Steps Involved in a Commercial Pressure Wash Service?

The steps to pressure wash the various areas around your house are different. In this example, let’s see how to pressure wash a driveway:

  1. Sweep the surface of the driveway and remove the debris and dust by using a broom.
  2. Cover the walls, door or other areas with paint with plastic sheeting to prevent them from being stained or lose paint
  3. Degrease the surface of the driveway with a degreaser spray and scrub into the concrete by using a brush.
  4. Attach the spray wand tip for detergent, connect the hose and the wand to the pressure washer and get a long garden hose to connect the water supply.
  5. Connect the pressure washer to the power supply.
  6. Siphon detergent into the pressure washer using a tube, generally provided with the pressure washer.
  7. Spray the detergent onto the surface for a span of a few minutes, as required.
  8. Change the spray tip, switch to only water and pressure wash the surface.
  9. Seal the concrete with waterproof sealer, and park vehicles on the driveway only after 24 hours.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Service?

A high pressure wash cannot be carried out without any measures taken prior to it. In fact, the surface must be cleaned and prepared or primed before the pressure wash begins. All surfaces are not suited to a pressure wash. You have to determine if the surface you intend to have cleaned is suited to a pressure wash. Also, the pressure of the water depends on the extent of dirt that has accumulated and the type of surface. Certain surfaces and light to moderate accumulation of dirt does not need a higher pressure washer and would do just great and even benefit from an entry level model. 

Only a professional pressure washing service person can discern if a surface requires a pressure wash and which product to use for what surface and dirt. Also a pressure washer has a gun that lets out water at a very high pressure and can cause great injury or even prove fatal if directed at a human or a pet. So a professional is best hired for this type of cleaning service. Another reason to go with a professional pressure washing service is that he/she would be better equipped at deciding whether a detergent is necessary or not. 

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Why Should You Use Cleanpro’s Pressure Washing Service?

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  5. Our personnel follow checklists that ensure a thorough cleaning for every pressure wash and any special instructions you have for them will be incorporated.
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