Fumigation & Sanitization Services in Bangalore

Every living space must be hygienic and free from pests, bacteria, and other insects. Your home should be a place that must be safe for your family and kids. A proper fumigation service can help you get rid of pestilence and infestation and a proper home sanitization service in Bangalore can get rid of germs and bacteria. During the pandemic, the need for and the awareness around sanitization increased as much as fumigation to keep oneself healthy. 

What Services Are Offered by Cleanpro in Fumigation and Sanitization?

Sanitization and fumigation are two different sets of activities and accomplish different purposes:

  1. Fumigation involves a gaseous chemical that helps to control pests, whereas sanitization is the process of cleaning and making a surface or an environment hygienic.
  2. Fumigation is mainly done on pests such as mosquitoes and cockroaches. Sanitization is done to kill germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  3. In a fumigation service, the fumigant (a vapor) is released in a sealed area. Sanitization involves the use of sanitizers for cleaning different surfaces.

Fumigation & Sanitization Prices for One Time

Sanitization service prices in banaglore


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

Why should you avail a professional fumigation or sanitization service?


The unseen pathogens (bacteria and viruses) are responsible for many kinds of infections and diseases that can be prevented with CleanPro's professional sanitization services. Kids during their early years mostly play on floors; they lick the toys they play with and are most likely to get bacterial or viral infections because of a lack of proper floor sanitization. There is a need to keep your floors and other surfaces well sanitized. Our professional cleaners use chemicals that kill 99.9% of the bacteria present on the surface in the sanitization service available in Bangalore.


The process involves the spraying of fumigants in a sealed area. Fumigation helps control and remove pest infestation in your living spaces. And a pest-free home is less prone to diseases caused by insects, rodents, mosquitoes etc., as they will be completely eliminated with a fumigation service.

When Is the Correct Time to Go for Fumigation and Sanitization Service?

Your place might need a fumigation and sanitization check:

  1. If you have pest infestation:

    If your home is infested with pests such as cockroaches, insects, rodents, and mosquitoes, then you should go for a fumigation service. Cockroaches multiply and thrive in warm and moist areas like kitchens, where such infestation can lead to food contamination, in turn directly impacting the family’s health.

  2. When you are moving in:

    It is mostly suggested to go for fumigation and sanitization or pest control service if you are moving into a new place so that the risk of a pest infestation can be reduced.


CleanPro takes all the precautions while performing fumigation or home sanitization services in Bangalore. But it is advised to clients to bring forth health-related concerns regarding the use of certain chemicals so that an alternative can be considered.

CleanPro advises keeping babies away for at least 2 to 7 days post a fumigation at your home!

fumigation and sanitization services

Why Is Clean Pro a Reliable Partner for Fumigation and Home Sanitization Services?

CleanPro is a reliable partner for all your fumigation and sanitization services. You can totally trust our expertise, use of chemicals, communications, and pricing.

1.) CleanPro is known for the expertise with which it carries out all the fumigation and sanitization services in Bangalore. After hiring CleanPro's services, one can sit back and relax because our professionals are completely reliable and will cover all the nooks and corners of your living spaces.

2.) CleanPro has always used government-certified chemicals. No matter what fumigation service you book, we will always use chemicals that are certified by the government and good for the planet too. You can always enquire about the kind of chemicals and sanitizers we use before booking a plan.

3.) CleanPro is a reliable fumigation and sanitization agency in Bangalore also because we do not delay in delivering our services. We work at scheduled times and strive to stick to promised deadlines, so you have peace of mind and freedom to plan your day the way you want to.

4.) We also have a reliable customer support team that will assist you with everything, right from giving plan quotations to after-service feedback. Our team stays with you throughout the entire process.