Religious Building Cleaning Services in Bangalore

A clean mind houses a clean body. While desiring devotees to maintain cleanliness is mandatory, the place of worship must be clean too. Faith matters, but so does the fragrance, the cleanliness and the upkeep of the place of worship. These other factors will bring in more devotees to the place of worship too.

Deep cleaning of a temple/mosque/church must not be once in a blue moon on an afterthought. It must be done regularly and with utmost care after detailed planning and by a person qualified in tending to every aspect of temple/mosque/church cleaning. When a temple/mosque/church gets the cleaning and attention it deserves, its reputation will also grow.

What Are the Steps in Temple/mosque/church Cleaning?

Temple/mosque/church cleaning follows a set of steps that are generally common for any temple/mosque/church. However, buildings do have structural differences, where the pedestals and tables and chairs if any must be cleaned too.

Vacuuming and wet cleaning the floor

Start with the floor cleaning in each area of the temple/mosque/church, be it the lobby, the area of worship or the office or day care section. Vacuum the floor and wet clean with a mop and detergent liquid. 

Dusting and cleaning windows and other surfaces

In the next step, the windows are dusted and cleaned with a glass cleaner. Because the windows may be of stained glass in certain area, special care must be taken while cleaning. The door knobs and other furniture such as chairs and cabinets must also be cleaned. 

Deep cleaning light fixtures and faucets

There might be dust or dirt on the light fixtures and faucets that can hamper the way they work. They must be deep cleaned once in a month at least to ensure that they remain in great working order.  

Clean appliances in every corner of the temple/mosque/church

If there are any appliances, especially in the kitchen or office, these must be dusted and wiped clean with a cloth. The dishes in the kitchen are also cleaned with soap liquid and scrubbed to whiteness. 

Clean clothing and curtains

Take the clothing and curtains in for a deep cleaning in the laundry. You must clean the curtains once a month and your clothes daily to ensure that the temple/mosque/church remains a place of cleanliness and sanctity.

Disinfect all the surfaces

All the surfaces must be disinfected, which will in turn will keep the temple/mosque/church, a place of large gatherings, very clean and safe for every devotee. 

Clean out all the trash

Whatever waste has accumulated daily must be cleaned by evening. The waste must be segregated and then carried out separately in different garbage bags.

Why Should You Go for a Temple/mosque/church Cleaning with a Professional Cleaning Services Company?

Defining the scope of work after an inspection

A professional cleaning services company will ensure that the temple/mosque/church cleaning happens after a thorough inspection so that the specific problems can be identified and a thorough cleaning can be done, which probably includes pest control, fumigation, deep cleaning, laundry, shoe cleaning etc. 

They would have the necessary manpower

Cleaning a temple/mosque/church can be a very tough task. Unless you have experienced people who are good at the job and a good number of them, it would be impossible to complete, as these buildings cannot be closed for cleaning for a long time. Cleaning services companies have a good number of cleaning service personnel and they are very experienced too, so they are up to the challenge.

They can take the right precautions

There are some precautions that must be taken while temple/mosque/church cleaning. Many of the articles present in a temple/mosque/church would be very old and require special care while cleaning. The windows would be very fragile and the colouring on them prone to wear. Only a proper cleaning service provider can address these issues effectively.

Religious building cleaning services
Temple building cleaning services

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