Pool Cleaning Services in Bangalore

A busy day at work with elevated stress levels can be very fatiguing and lead to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension. In such cases, frequenting the swimming pool can be a lifesaver for many. A dip in a swimming pool is rejuvenating and relaxing while a whole race through the pool at breathtaking speed can be very invigorating. But cleaning a pool can be a chore. This is why you need to use a pool cleaning service. 

To each his own, but what everyone who takes a dip in the pool would agree is that the pH levels in the pool and the temperature needs to be right and there shouldn’t be any impurities to guarantee a great swim. While the temperature of the pool can be altered easily, cleaning the pool and maintaining the right pH levels can be a task. This is one good reason to get a swimming pool cleaning service.

Why Do You Need Professional Cleaning Services for the Swimming Pool?

A pool is a body of water that is located outside your living space. It is exposed to nature in a way that it really plays a big role in how it appears. Birds and other small creatures may wander around the pool and their droppings might make their way into the pool and around it. Excess water may be around the pool and will attract dirt.

Apart from this, there may be other impurities that may have gotten mixed in the water from the regular use of the swimming pool. This could include liquids and food particles and body hair and other impurities. Last but not the least the fixtures in and around the pool may rust or wear away if the pool is left without cleaning.

Though it may be possible to maintain a private pool by yourself, this is an arduous task. The person cleaning the pool must be trained and just the right chemicals and equipment must be used. Because children also may be using it, a professional must be hired who is well aware of the common skin allergies and irritations that can result from the cleaning. Also, most cleaning services provide a weekly swimming pool cleaning service that is very much necessary to maintain a swimming pool in good condition.

What Happens in Swimming Pool Cleaning?

  1. Pool inspection – Before the team starts the swimming pool cleaning service, they first inspect the pool to understand the present physical condition, the level of impurities and the chemical imbalance if any. If no inspection is needed, the team will provide an assessment and a certificate of fitness for it to be used for recreational purposes. 
  2. Pool maintenance – The pool maintenance services include the testing and analysis of chemical levels, cleaning of filters and skimmer bags etc. and replacement of broken pool parts and non-functional equipment.
  3. Swimming pool cleaning – This includes vacuuming the surface of the pool, removing leaves and other matter, backwashing with water to drive out debris, and then brushing the pool walls for dirt and other waste. 
  4. Rebalancing of chemicals – In this step of the swimming pool cleaning service, chemicals are added to the pool to rebalance the pH levels and to have the right composition of each element in the pool water.
  5. Supply of new pool equipment – Sometimes new equipment may need to be added to the pool to improve the water quality or to ensure that it remains clean for longer. An instance of this is an improved water filter that gathers more dirt from the water.
Pool cleaning services in bangalore

Why Use Cleanpro for Swimming Pool Cleaning?

  1. A swimming pool cleaning service provider of repute and the #1 cleaning service provider in Bangalore, CleanPro, is trusted by hundreds of customers and has garnered glowing reviews from several of them.
  2. Premium cleaning products and equipment ensure that the pool cleaning service rendered is top notch. The cleaning materials are also eco-friendly, are not easily available over the counter, and do not cause any health concerns for the customer.
  3. Our workers come from hygienic accommodations and we perform regular temperature and health checks to ensure they are healthy and disease-free. This will ensure that you do not contract any disease from them.
  4. Our workers follow a checklist for the jobs that they perform, and they also incorporate any special instructions that you may have.
  5. The tile and fittings and fixtures will remain intact, which gives you more peace of mind.

Our swimming pool cleaning service in Bangalore plans are affordable and value for money. We also offer flexible payment options, both online and offline, for the convenience of the customer. The bookings made with us can be rescheduled or cancelled easily by the customer.