As an organization, ever since its inception in 2011 by our founder-chairman Jayachandran Pillai, the people of CleanPro have taken great pride in themselves. The cleaning crew is well aware of the tremendous responsibility on their shoulders to ensure that we remain the hugely popular premium luxury cleaning service that we are. Beginning with our staff, extending to the equipment and material we use, and ending with the trust our customers have put in us and our methods, there are many reasons why you should opt for us.

Only true premium cleaning service in Bangalore with in-house staff

1. Number 1 cleaning services company with in-house staff

Be careful what you wish for! That cleaning services company you trust might actually be an aggregator. CleanPro is the number 1 cleaning services company in Bangalore providing in-house staff, who are not aggregators of other cleaning services.

2. We take ‘Swacch Bharat’ Andolan very seriously

From cleaner homes to offices to even industries, we hope to build a cleaner India for the generations to come, one they can be proud of and contribute to with pride.

3. Use of premium cleaning products and equipment

Premium cleaning materials and equipment are used which are good for you and your home and ensure a superior cleaning experience that leaves behind no stains, dirt, pests or germs.

Expert Cleaning Personnel who do a thorough job

1. Workers are professionally trained on how to carry out the cleaning process

Our workers are trained on the cleaning process internationally and are capable of handling the toughest dirt and stains with great ease.

2. Our workers follow a checklist for every job

Every job has its own checklist and we adhere to it with utmost sincerity. If you have any suggestions for our cleaning, they will be well-respected and if we feel necessary and helpful, then added to the checklist too!

3. We take our time to do an incredible job

Our cleaning experts devote a lot of time to do a thorough job. Where other cleaning teams rush through to completion, we offer an hour more of our time to do a job that customers will gladly recommend us to others and call us routinely for service too.

Versatile and Up-to-date Cleaning

1. We offer plans for both residential and commercial needs

Our plans address the needs of both homes and offices. We even offer cleaning services for industries and places of worship, which makes our cleaning services very unique and all-encompassing in a way.

2. New products and equipment are introduced when required

We are up-to-date with market research, and we keep updating our product and equipment rosters with the latest in the market, so that you always get the best cleaning experience you could ask for, with not even a fingerprint left behind.

Self-Hygiene and External Hygiene

1. Workers offered hygienic accommodations

When workers live in healthy and hygienic conditions, they are disease-free and healthy, ensuring not just a great service but also the peace of mind that you will not contract any disease from them.

2. We properly disinfect the premises

If the customer has availed of pest control services, then before our workers leave, they ensure that the premises are disinfected to ensure that you remain healthy and disease-free. After disinfection, a thorough inspection is done to ensure that no surfaces or rooms have been missed.

Honest and ethical service

1. Employees are upfront and frank

Our cleaning crew are honest and transparent about the work they do. They will not mislead the customer into thinking that the work will take lesser time or resources to get done and neither will they under-promise.

2. No risk of damage to the health of furniture or people

Our employees take special care to ensure that the sofa and upholstery are well-preserved through the cleaning process, despite their age. We also do not use chemicals in a way that they may become harmful to anyone in your family or the surroundings.

3. Workers are experienced, reliable, and trustworthy professionals

Your CleanPro expert is a master of his craft and at the same time extremely reliable and trustworthy. Nothing that you own will be misplaced or damaged or removed during the cleaning process.

Customer Satisfaction

1. 100% customer satisfaction

Without a question, we are the number 1 cleaning service provider in Bangalore for any premium cleaning service that requires distinguished effort and significant time. We are rated nearly 5.0 in Google and Justdial.

2. We take feedback seriously

We incorporate customer feedback into everything we do and innovate our cleaning techniques to make sure the customer always gets the best service.

3. Weekly audits

We perform weekly quality audits to ensure that our staff have been prompt and delivered excellent cleaning services within the stipulated time and earned kudos from our customers.

4. Faithful customers

We provide a key account manager for every client. Several customers (as high as 85% of our customer base) are repeat customers who trust the quality of work we do. We have received hundreds of customer reviews, where our customers have lauded us for our incredible and prompt service time after time.

Why choose us?

Our professional home cleaning system combines efficient two-person cleaning teams, capable of cleaning three to four homes a day, with effective management and proven procedures. Regardless of your experience, our systematic approach to training, cleaning, office management, and developing your customer base can give you the confidence to succeed with your own home cleaning franchise.

A clean that measures up.

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