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As a coordinator, an event for your organization is like a baby shower. A lot of work goes into making sure that everything goes well, and if everything must, then you must have sufficient time to devote to its planning, allocating resources, managing time and the guest list, so on and so forth.

What you would like to take off your list is the cleaning and setup that happens pre-event and the cleaning and dismantling that happens post-event, not to mention any cleaning that happens during the event. With the extent of dust and dirt kicked up, you would hope there was someone to clean up for you. That’s where professional event cleaning services become indispensable.

What Are the Steps in an Event Cleaning Service?

An Event Cleaning Service Happens in Three Phases, Pre-Event, Event, and Post-Event.


Sometimes an event site is a temporary construction or scaffolding. There may be risks to how it is placed, what it contains, and how strong it is. It is best to inspect the site before the event to make sure it is safe. Remove any broken glass or nails, increase the height of makeshift doors, and make sure the toilets are clean etc. You may also need to check for infestation by pests. A fumigation may be necessary.


During the course of the event also, you may need professional event cleaning services. During the event, the large footfall, the need to manage enquiries, and catering and entertaining everyone is more challenging than people think. You cannot afford to manage cleaning too. Also maintaining the toilets clean and other common areas where a lot of people gather is a tough task. A professional event cleaning service can help you with that as well. You may need to sanitize regularly as well, if a lot of people are traveling to the place.


After the event, there will be a lot of cleaning up to do, especially if you want to restore the event site to how it was before the event. This stage requires a lot of careful planning and organization. You will need to meticulously handle the waste and debris, clean the toilets, and even eradicate pests who may have now wandered to the site in search of food.

Why Should You Opt for a Professional Event Cleaning Service?

A professional event cleaning service offers several advantages over an in-house endeavor when it comes to event cleaning. Some of these advantages are:

Requires a good deal of estimation:

How many people might attend the event and how much cleaning would have to be done, and what kind? How many people would be required for the cleaning job and how frequently must it be done? There is no room for guesswork in this scenario. One must be very sure. 

A more thorough cleaning:

Generally professional event cleaning services follow checklists and know exactly what to clean and how to go about it. When it comes to an event, there are several types of cleaning and you need a company that is well-versed in all of them.

Professional upkeep and adherence to hygiene:

This is very important as it can impact your reputation both during and after the event if the cleaning company personnel are not clean enough. If they are not in proper health, it could lead to a spread of disease and if the event is attended by thousands, then it could affect community health as well.

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Why Should You Opt for Cleanpro’s Event Cleaning Services?

  1. CleanPro is the #1 service provider in Bangalore for your every cleaning need. We specialize in event cleaning services. 
  2. We use only premium chemicals and equipment for cleaning. Our products are great from a sustainability perspective as well, since they are good for the planet and safe for the event participants.
  3. Each cleaning personnel’s health will be monitored over the duration of the event to ensure that they do not carry any disease and lead to health concerns for the event goers.
  4. Each event cleaning professional is trained by experts and come highly recommended by our partners, with more than 5 years of verified experience.
  5. Our event cleaning professionals are thorough with their checklists and will execute any special instruction you want them to follow during the cleaning. 
  6. Our event cleaning service plans are great value for money. Every booking made with us can be rescheduled or canceled before the appointment and gives the customer the power to decide.