Commercial/Office Cleaning Services

Whether you want your corporate office/factory complex cleaned or your school/college/hospital or any non-residential complex cleaned, our in-house and professionally trained cleaning staff will ensure on time service delivery and 100% satisfaction.

Please share your space details and service requirements below. We will get back to you with a quotation shortly. We will also share the contact information of our cleaning expert with you before the cleaning begins. All fields are mandatory.

    How CleanPro Works

    Easy scheduling

    Easy Scheduling of Cleaning

    Schedule a commercial or office cleaning service at a later date, or book weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning and reschedule as many times as you want within the scheduling window.

    Easy online booking

    Easy Online Booking Management

    Manage your online bookings from any device and get all updates over both SMS and mail. Talk to Cleanpro anytime for any customized arrangements or cleaning combos.

    On-time and responsible

    On-Time and Responsible Cleaning

    CleanPro’s professional will arrive at your place on time, with all the necessary materials for the commercial cleaning service. You do not have to help us in any way, but offer initial directions if any, and then sit back and relax!

    Easy process

    Booking Your Cleaning Service

    Here’s what we need to know: Your office address and pin code - total surface area, type of office or commercial complex - Date and time of cleaning - Name, phone number and e-mail

    Here’s what you can expect from us:


    reliabilityThe commercial cleaning services crew at CleanPro are 100% in-house staff, and not sourced from other cleaning service providers. In other words, CleanPro is not an aggregator of several services under an umbrella, of which cleaning happens to be one. We have been in the cleaning industry exclusively since 2011, with a commitment to keeping commercial areas clean and healthy, using safe and reliable cleaning methods. 


    ExperienceWith experience cleaning offices in all the prime spots in Bengaluru from Jayanagar to Yelahanka and Jalahalli to Electronic City, no matter where you reside, there’s always a chance some office complex very near you has opted for our service. With thousands of happy customers who swear by us, if you are still not convinced, please check our glowing reviews on Justdial and Google.  


    careWe take time to do a thorough job
    with every professional commercial cleaning service we offer. We also follow checklists for every job, ensuring that all precautions are taken. We understand cleaning, and we train our crew to handle all items with care as they clean. Our cleaning crew also undergoes rigorous training within our company through a continuous and ongoing process.


    AccountabilityAny cleaning job that we undertake happens with complete accountability. You can count on us to ensure that the cleaning happens without any impediments and without any damage. Also, all items in your household will be restored to their initial places, free of damage. You can always contact us with your feedback on the job or our cleaning crew, and we will look into the matter and settle it with utmost diligence.  

    Why Book Cleaning Services Through CleanPro?

    We offer world-class, detail-oriented and comprehensive commercial cleaning services anywhere in Bangalore. We back our professional commercial cleaning services in Bangalore with a guarantee of being in service for over a decade. We have tended to the cleaning of one lakh or more homes and thousands of offices in this time, and we have always left them in a condition far better than the way we have discovered them. This is evidenced by what customers think of us. And it shows in the glowing reviews they leave behind and the love they shower on social media and other channels. Here’s 4 reasons why we are one of the top-ranking professional cleaning services in Bengaluru.   

    1. In-house staff 
    2. Carefully vetted experts 
    3. 24/7 customer support 
    4. No hidden charges and multiple payment options 


    Endorsed By 600+ Real Customers

    What do We Include in Our Cleaning Services?

    Our commercial cleaning services embrace every part of your office or business, including the office cubicles, restrooms, stairwell and elevators, and even the kitchen and pantry. Before we arrive, you may add any additional requests in the comments while placing the order and we shall try our best to accommodate them. We promise to take care of your office the way you care for it, and to deliver our best cleaning service. 

    Window and Facade Cleaning

    Windows in an office are likely to get dusty and unclean over time, especially if your office space is in a place that is windy or close to the road or the highway. Here is how professional commercial cleaning services can help: 

    • Water soaking to remove dirt that is soft and easy to remove from the façade or windows 
    • Pressure washing to remove heavy dirt and organic matter from stone or concrete 
    • Chemical cleaning to remove tough stains on the surface of windows 
    • Abrasive cleaning, which removes the substrate on which the dirt has stuck to 

    Office Cubicle Cleaning

    Cubicles in the office attract dirt and dust and even tea and coffee stains from regular use by the people in the office. What remains invisible and possibly more dangerous to health is the abundance of germs in such spaces. Here is how a commercial cleaning service can help: 

    • Vacuuming of cubicle fabric panels 
    • Removal of stains by using non-abrasive methods 
    • High-pressure cleaning to remove stains that refuse to go away 
    • Scrubbing on harder surfaces to remove marks that are difficult to remove 

    Floor Cleaning

    Office floors could have carpets or have shiny tiled surfaces of mosaic or other materials. When cleaning carpeted floors, there are a certain set of precautions you must take and similarly so for tile and grout cleaning on other floors. Here is how CleanPro can help: 

    • Hot water extraction on carpeted floors to remove deep ink stains 
    • Encapsulation method helps to remove hard to remove particles from carpets without using liquid 
    • Shampooing method to remove odours and soft stains from carpeted floors 
    • Non-abrasive brushes and mops to clean tile floors 
    • Use of chemicals that do not react with the grout for tile floors 

    Stairwell and Elevator Cleaning

    Employees who are in a hurry and can’t wait for the lift may take the stairs. They shouldn’t be in for an unpleasant surprise of dirty staircases and dark corners ridden with cockroaches. The elevator, being a closed space must be cleaned too. This is how CleanPro can help: 

    • Deodorizing (especially service elevators) and wiping clean the elevators 
    • Dusting and wiping clean the staircases and using the right pesticides 
    • Using drying techniques to quickly dry the staircases, especially in areas with less sunlight 
    • Using disinfection to keep the staircase railings and surfaces germ-free 

    Kitchen and Pantry Cleaning

    Restroom Cleaning

    Any commercial cleaning services company will tell you that the Kitchen and pantry areas are just as hard to get clean as the cubicles in an office space. Expect the coffee vending machines and cookers to be overused and there to be dirt and grease on the countertops and the floor. Kitchen and pantry cleaning provided by CleanPro includes: 

    • Washing enclosure and sink pipe cleaning to remove stuck waste particles 
    • Wiping countertops and cabinets with a damp cloth or using more powerful liquid to remove dirt 
    • Deep cleaning of water taps, door handles and other fixtures using stronger cleaning agents 
    • Cleaning pantry area with mops and scrubbers to remove excess dirt and dust 
    • Rearranging kitchen and pantry area and disposing waste to create more space 
    • Washing the floors in the pantry and kitchen and use degreasers to get rid of hard to remove grease.  

    The restroom in your office is frequented by your office staff and will require a deep cleaning at least once a week. Our restroom commercial cleaning service include: 

    • Dusting all surfaces within the restroom  
    • Wiping down mirrors and fixtures  
    • Washing and sanitising the toilet, tub, shower and drain surroundings  
    • Cleaning the bathroom floor with tough cleaning liquid