Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Carpets are an essential home accessory. In our living rooms, bedrooms, study, home offices, and at your favourite corner near the window, we have different kinds of carpets placed: Carpets with various colours that match the colour scheme of the specific living space. There’s also that chair in your study or the sofa in your bedroom that you feel is irreplaceable and time would have taken a toll on its upholstery. Both carpets and upholstery indeed elevate the aesthetics and comfort of our living areas. But you need to use regular sofa cleaning services. Because with time, they get dirty, with food, coffee, ink stains, dust, and unpleasant odour. And hence, there is a need for deep carpet and sofa cleaning and shampooing! 

When Does the Need for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service Arise?

Over time and with frequent use, carpets and upholstery not only get dirty, but they also become home to a plethora of allergens, dirt, and pollutants that can trigger various respiratory issues like asthma and constant coughing. The need for professional cleaning arises when the carpets and upholstery start to stink, have gathered a lot of dust, or are stained with hard-to-remove tough spots. Because stained and dirty carpets and upholstery spoil your living space's entire look and could even lead to health concerns, a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is a must-do!

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Benefits of sofa cleaning services

How Will Professional Cleaning for Your Carpet and Upholstery Benefit You?

First, a clean carpet and upholstery is good for your health. So, ensure all the carpets and upholstery in your living spaces and workstations are dust, dirt and bacteria-free. This will reduce the risk of breathing issues.

Second, dust and dirt damage the fabric and make your carpet or upholstery look ragged in a short period.  Booking a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service at regular intervals can also make them durable. 

Lastly, a professional cleaning for your carpet and upholstery will remove all the tough and stubborn stains and odours from your beautiful carpets and upholstery. These stains usually include oil stains, ink spots, food stains, pet urine stains, and more.

Carpet Cleaning Prices for One Time

Carpet cleaning service prices


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

Sofa Cleaning Prices in Bangalore

Sofa Cleaning service prices


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

Here are the steps to bring back the charm of your beautiful carpets in a regular carpet cleaning service:

  1. Inspection:

    Our team of experts very carefully checks your carpet. The stains and damage to the carpet that could pose a challenge in the cleaning process are also accounted for.

  2. Vacuuming:

    In this step of the carpet cleaning service, we use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of loose dust and debris.

  3. Spot removal:

    To get rid of stubborn spots is very important, which is why we use specialized chemicals to remove those spots in this step.

  4. Shampooing:

    A carpet shampoo is used to deep clean. The shampoo and other solutions will not cause any damage to your carpets!

  5. Extraction:

    After giving the carpet a deep shampoo bath, extract the shampoo and dirt using an extraction machine.

  6. Drying:

    in the last step of the carpet cleaning service, the carpet is then dried with specialised dryers, making them appear new..

What Are the Steps You Take to Bring Back the Charm of Old and Used Upholstery?

For fabric sofa shampooing:

  1. Dirt and dust removal:

    The first step in a sofa cleaning service is removing the loose dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner. We clean the front and backside of the upholstery. 

  2. Shampooing:

    The next step is shampooing with specialised solutions/detergents.

  3. Extraction:

    Then we use the extractor to remove all the dirt from the sofa.

  4. Drying:

    In the last step of the sofa cleaning service, dryers are used to soak all the moisture from your sofas and chairs, leaving them stain-free and with all the shine. 



For leather sofa cleaning service:

  1. Vacuuming:

    We use a vacuum machine, so your sofa gets rid of loose dust. We also go with manual cleaning with a microfiber cloth.

  2. Sanitizing:

    After this, we sanitize the leather upholstery with a special solution.

  3. Polishing:

    Finally, we polish the surface to make it look shiny, bringing back the charm and improving the life and condition of your sofa!

Benefits of Getting a Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service from the Expert, Cleanpro:

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