Post Interior Deco Cleaning

A room is not complete without a splash of ingenuity, and most of the time, a few thinking heads are a lot better than one. Your interior designer and his crew would have a better idea of how to spruce up your home and make it a lot more attractive than it was for every guest who walks in.

But one of the after effects of an extensive interior décor work is that it leaves behind a pile of waste, mostly bits of paper or metal, wood filings and chips, pieces of cardboard etc. Only a post interior deco cleaning service can help remove all of that waste.

What Are the Steps in a Post Interior Deco Cleaning Service?

When Cleaning the Interiors of Your Home After a Renovation, Make Sure That You

Sweep and vacuum every surface

Make sure the surfaces are not dusty or dirty. This includes ceilings and walls and table surfaces. Use a vacuum cleaner at a lower force to do the work.

Vacuum upholstery

Vacuum every piece of upholstery. Make sure that the dust or dirt or debris introduced on their surface is completely removed.

Vacuum and wipe-down of all window interiors

The windows must be vacuumed and then the window sills and frames must be thoroughly wiped and cleaned, to ensure that the dust and debris rising out of the interior deco work is fully cleaned.

Sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen is a place that requires great cleanliness and therefore every surface in the kitchen must be disinfected after the interior decoration. The bathrooms may have been frequented by the people who did the interior decoration, and therefore these must be cleaned too on priority.

Clean inside all closets

Make sure that the interior deco crew has not left behind any waste from their interior deco job in any of the closets in your home. Make sure to clean each one of them they had access to.

Sweep, mop, and disinfect floors

Every floor will have different requirements, depending on the kind of tiles that are used. For instance, ceramic will have a different maintenance and cleaning routine as compared to stone tiles. The appropriate chemicals and equipment must be used.

Wipe down door knobs, baseboards, handles, and other hardware

A lot of people would have come into contact with the door knobs, baseboards and other hardware. Make sure they are wiped down, but with care, to ensure that hygiene is maintained.

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Why Should You Opt for a Professional Post Interior Deco Cleaning Service?

A post interior deco cleaning service is specially tailored to the needs of discerning customers who want only the best. Here is why you must use one too, after availing the services of an interior designer.

Would know how to handle each type of waste

A professional cleaning services provider would know not just how to clean dust but how best to clean and dispose of paper sheets, wood and metal filings and dust as well. They would also do this in a manner that is safe and hygienic.

Each surface and space requires a different kind of cleaning

An interior decoration can happen anywhere, the kitchen, living area or even the bathroom. Post the removal of waste, every space and surface must be cleaned using different chemicals and methods. Only a professional cleaning services company would know how to do this.

Typically would need a lot of people to do the task

Interior decoration encompasses several areas of your home. This means that you would need a team of dedicated people to do the cleaning for you. Who better than a professional post interior deco cleaning services company in Bengaluru to do this for you?

Why Should You Use Cleanpro’s Cleaning Services for Post Interior Deco Cleaning?

  1. CleanPro is the #1 cleaning service provider for every cleaning need, including post interior deco cleaning in Bangalore.
  2. Only top-of-the-line vacuuming devices are fitted with high quality and approved HEPA filters. We check the quality of every piece of equipment and make sure they are updated to meet changing needs.
  3. Every service person goes for a physical health check to ensure that he/she is in good health and will not carry any disease to the customer’s residence.
  4. Our service personnel follow checklists, each being different for each cleaning work they have.
  5. Any special instructions you have will be incorporated as much as possible.
  6. Our post deco cleaning service is affordable and value for money. We offer flexible payment options for every plan offered. 
  7. Every booking made with us for a post interior deco cleaning service can be cancelled or rescheduled very easily.
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