Facade Glass Cleaning Services in Bangalore

The outer appearance of any building is the first impression that goes out. And for sure, nobody wants it to look dirty or unclean. Over time, with pollution, dust, sunlight, and rain, the surface, our facade, our glasses, and our windows look filthy and tinge with gloom. This is why you need a window cleaning service. 

What Is a Facade Cleaning Service?

A facade cleaning service is a professional cleaning service provided by Cleanpro that cleans the outermost, visible, and often the most vulnerable part of your building. We use several methods to bring back the charm!

Why Do You Need a Professional Window Cleaning Service?

A facade is an outermost part of a building that is most often attached to the structure in order to add aesthetic value. In cases when it is not the glass that covers the outermost part of a building, a facade is attached, and it bears no load of the building.

Why Do You Need a Professional Window Cleaning Service? 

If you feel that the most visible part, the facade of your building, has lost its charm because of the reasons mentioned above, then you should definitely go for a professional window cleaning service in Bangalore. Because we believe in putting our best foot forward, then why compromise when it is about your building or home.

For glass outers and windows, one should go for a professional cleaning service because dirt and dust can cause tough stains. With time, the cobwebs develop around the glass, and termites start to eat the wooden frames bringing higher expenses and more challenging procedures.

What Are the Different Methods Used in Window Cleaning Services?

There are four different kinds of facade cleaning methods:

  1. Water cleaning methods
  2. Chemical cleaning methods
  3. Abrasive method
  4. A blend of all these three
Facade cleaning services

Water Cleaning Method

Water soaking method:

This method falls under the water cleaning method for facade cleaning. In this method of facade cleaning, a slow and steady stream of water is used to loosen the dirt first and wash it away with a scrubber, brushes, or a special wiping cloth.

Pressure washing method:

As the name suggests, a high-pressure stream of water is used to blast away the dirt and contaminants from the substrate. This method is quite effective as well, like the water-soaking method. The procedure is used to remove light dirt or organic staining from stone, concrete and masonry. For the removal of grease and oil, a similar technique is used but with heated water. 

Chemical cleaning method: 

The chemical cleaning method is generally used to combat tough stains on the surface. The chemical-based cleaners work by dissolving the stains, and then can be rinsed away. There are restoration cleaners in addition to the four categories of chemicals. These restoration cleaners are used to dealing with adamant and challenging stains that are a byproduct of pollution in big cities. 

Abrasive cleaning method: 

The abrasive method is one unique method for facade cleaning. In this method, the outer area of the substrate on which there is a tough stain is removed. This method is most popular for cleaning stone, masonry, and concrete.

Why Choose Cleanpro for Facade/glass/window Cleaning Services?

We are a team of professional facade, glass, and window cleaners who are trained and come with experience to deal with any kind of challenge thrown at us. Our team is prepared to clean surfaces like glass, concrete, stone, plastic, and ACP. 

With extensive experience in cleaning facades, glasses, and windows, we use the two methods for window cleaning. The first is rope access cleaning, and the other is harness and eye bolts. 

Our expertise and the extremely fine analysis of your building facades will surely give you the best and the most satisfactory cleaning experience. With our expertise, we strive to provide your building with the best cleaning to improve the life of your facade.