Bathroom Cleaning Service

According to modern research, we have our greatest ideas in the shower. Bathrooms therefore have become thinking rooms. An average human spends around 30 minutes in the bathroom. So, if somebody spends this much time in the bathroom, surely, they do not want it to be dirty. And if someone wants it professionally cleaned, they must opt for a bathroom cleaning service. 

A dirty bathroom is a home to many germs and bacteria. And there are so many diseases a human can get because of dirty bathrooms. Therefore, there arises a need for regular bathroom cleaning services. But with time constraints and a lack of equipment, it becomes challenging to care for your bathrooms properly.

Also, a regular bathroom cleaning can help you with the basic removal of dust and dirt. A regular bathroom cleaning service does not remove all of the bacteria and germs, especially those in hard-to-reach places.

So, what do we do when all these challenges arise? 

Go for professional bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore. With a professional bathroom cleaning, you can easily get rid of germs, stubborn bacteria, dirt, grime and dust. A professional bathroom cleaning service will also include tough stain removals from washbasins, pipes, walls, tiles, corners and other areas.

Bathtroom Cleaning Prices for One Time

Bathroom cleaning service


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

Annual Subscription Prices

Bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.
  • 100% quarterly advance payment
  • Subscription period cannot be changed upon confirmation
  • 3 days advance information on execution date is mandatory

When Should You Hire a Professional Bathroom Cleaning Service?

There are so many signs that you can see in your bathrooms that shout out loud that you should go for a professional bathroom cleaning service. If you are located in Bangalore, that’s great. There are a number of bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore:

  1. Foul or unpleasant odours:

    The first and the most common sign your bathroom needs professional cleaning is when it starts to stink. With a lack of regular cleaning, accumulation of dirt or poor ventilation, your bathroom can release unpleasant odours. A professional bathroom cleaning service will disinfect and sanitise your restrooms, eliminating unpleasant odours.

  2. Tough stains:

    These are also a visible enough sign for a professional bathroom cleaning service in Bangalore. Tough stains on bathtubs, tiles, walls, and taps can be removed easily with a professional cleaning service.

  3. Mildew:

    If you have seen mildew around the ceiling of your bathroom or in corners, or on the walls, then this is high time to go for deep cleaning.

  4. A special occasion:

    If a special event is coming, your bathrooms should be ready with a sparkle!

  5. Frequent use:

    With frequent use, your bathroom is most likely to gather dirt and grime, which can be cleaned with the help of professional bathroom cleaning services.

  6. Time constraints:

    With a busy lifestyle, getting the bathrooms cleaned regularly becomes very difficult. Therefore, it has become a common reason people hire professional cleaning services. A thorough professional cleaning will prolong the life of your bathroom tiles, stainless steel taps, fittings and fixtures.

Why Should You Go for Cleanpro?

CleanPro is a trusted name for deep restroom cleaning services in Bangalore. With experience and expert staff, we have reached a milestone where we are the first choice among thousands of happy customers. 

  1. A skilled team of experts:

    We have a team of competent experts who are masters of their art.

  2. In your budget pricing:

    We give you value down to your last penny. With our pocket-friendly bathroom cleaning service plans, that is exactly what you can expect. Our prices are affordable, but that doesn't mean we compromise on quality. Giving our clients the best service has always been our primary motto.

  3. Trusted staff:

    All our staff members are trustworthy professionals. We do complete background checks on all the people we hire. So, whenever you call people from CleanPro, you do not have to worry about safety. We are a team of people you can trust.

  4. We deliver our services on time:

    Respecting our client's time is a priority for us. Our team will approach you for the preferred time, and our experts will come at the promised time only.

Best bathroom cleaning services

So, after learning about all the things that CleanPro offers, if you are impressed and have planned on availing our bathroom cleaning services, you must know what you will be getting:

An overall cleaning of every nook and corner: We mean everything in your bathroom. We will clean your bathroom tiles, walls, side glasses, mirrors, cabinets, curtains, handles, rods, switchboards, switches and fixtures.

We will clean all the surfaces and areas in your bathrooms which are hard to reach.

Polishing taps and showers: In this step, polishing of bathroom taps, washbasin sink taps and showers are covered. We have included our deep bathroom cleaning service to give your bathroom a sparkling new-like look.

Deep scrubbing and stain removal:

In addition to cleaning, we also deep clean the tiles by scrubbing them using specialized chemicals and techniques to bring back the lost charm.

Disinfecting restrooms:

The most important part of bathroom cleaning is disinfecting the toilet seats, pipes, and drains with special disinfectants to remove dirt, bacteria and grime.