Expert Chimney Cleaning Services in Bangalore

We have all seen that Christmas cartoon where a healthy and fat Santa Claus dressed up in red, shouting Ho-Ho, struggles to come down a very narrow chimney. But every child wants him to, since he bears such wonderful gifts! Chimneys are an integral part of the fireplace in the living area in the west, where temperatures dip to under 10 degrees and a chimney cleaning service can be of great help.

In India, we generally have chimneys in the kitchen. The chimneys in the kitchen are different from the ones at the fireplace and hence the kitchen chimney cleaning service offered in India will have its own set of challenges. Most modern kitchen chimneys are electric and could be ducted or ductless. Each has its own set of benefits. CleanPro offers cleaning services for both ducted and ductless chimneys.

Why Is It Necessary to Use Professional Chimney Cleaning Services?

A kitchen is the centre of bustling activity in your home, a place where you have seen your mother shed tears and sweat trying to get the work done. A lot of her uneasiness would have come from the fact that she had to work in an area where the air quality was poor and it was smelly, the surfaces were covered in smoke particles and she had to clean every day to maintain the kitchen in a good condition.

Modern electric chimneys have made life easier for moms around the world doing away with the smoke, odours, and fumes. The ductless version is actually great even for tenants as it requires no ducts to be placed in the kitchen walls and therefore works very well as a temporary solution, the only downside being having to clean the filters periodically.

In both ducted and ductless chimneys, the smoke particles accumulate on the inner surfaces of the chimney and in the hood. Cleaning the chimney requires dismantling and is not recommended to be done without professional help. Cleaning the hood is an arduous task, which is again better left to professional chimney cleaning service providers. 

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What Are the Steps in Cleaning a Chimney?

An electric chimney is also referred to as a kitchen hood or an extractor hood because of its shape and use. The electric chimney cleaning service happens in four stages:

Chimney surface cleaning

The surface of the chimney picks up grease and dust over time, creating a fluffy sticky coating that is difficult to remove. The surface of the chimney can be cleaned with cleaning liquid and warm water and a damp cloth. Removing the hardened grease is however more difficult than it seems and therefore is better done by a trained professional.

Chimney cleaning services
Chimney cleaning services

Chimney filter cleaning

A ductless chimney will have filters within the hood to filter the air and drive the hot and clean air back into the kitchen. The filters will have grease hardened into the gaps within it, making it difficult to clean. Cleaning the filters without proper care can also damage the filters, reducing their longevity.

Chimney ducts

A ducted chimney will have a duct going through the interior into the wall and it lets out the gaseous pollutants. The duct also accumulates dust and smoke particles over time and will need cleaning. Duct cleaning can happen at home, though with caution wearing a mask and using a pair of gloves. Also care must be taken to reseat the duct cover on the outside so that pigeons and other birds do not go into the chimney through the duct.

Chimney cleaning services
Chimney cleaning services

Chimney hood and fan cleaning

Cleaning the extractor hood is the most challenging part of the whole professional chimney cleaning service. For this too, it is better to call on the services of a chimney cleaning service provider, who knows exactly what to do. Cleaning the hood requires dismantling the chimney and therefore can be done by a trained professional only.

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