Reliable Industrial Cleaning Services for Your Business

Industrial cleaning calls for a different kind of expertise. Handling hazardous chemicals can be very challenging. There is also the problem of mold and bacterial colonies that one has to address. Also, when it comes to industrial cleaning, one must be very clear about what areas will be cleaned in an industrial location.

CleanPro’s gamut of industrial cleaning services is very wide and is not just restricted to the interior and exterior of the plant area. The loading bays, the production area, warehouses, waste management areas, and the machinery will all be cleaned and restored to a brand-new condition. 

What Does Industrial Cleaning Include?

This is a question that needs a comprehensive answer and because industries can range from food and beverages to consumer goods to medical equipment manufacture and so forth, it becomes difficult to come up with a very concise answer. Some of the kinds of cleaning in an industrial cleaning service are:

Deep cleaning

The deep cleaning service includes precision cleaning by moving and sometimes even dismantling machinery to reach hard-to-reach areas. Deep cleaning is done with great attention to detail. The interiors and surrounding areas of the facility must be scrubbed down with detergent and then washed and dried with sufficient ventilation. This includes industrial pressure washing, pest control and disinfection and sanitization of industrial areas.

Conveyer belt and pipe cleaning

The cleaning of conveyer belts and pipes is critical to the functioning of an industry. There are specialized belt scrubbers available that must be used for cleaning conveyer belts. For cleaning industrial pipes, a method called hydro milling or aqua milling is used. In this process, extremely high-pressure water is let in through a hose to clean the inner surface of pipes. In many cases, this helps to remove hydrocarbons, oil, heavy sludge etc.

Tank cleaning

In industries such as pharma or food and beverages, regularly tank cleaning need to be done This is because in the manufacture of each batch of medicine or food products, there will be scale and sludge that would have formed on the inner surfaces of the tank. This would require periodic cleaning. Also there may be instances of a mechanical failure or some other repair that may require the cleaning of debris.

Storm drain cleaning

In an industrial setting, storm drains collect gunky oils and other seepage that can block the drain. Periodic cleaning is required to ensure that the storm drain does not get blocked. But cleaning them can be quite dangerous as they are very toxic and appropriate precautions and care must be taken to ensure that the cleaning crew are not affected.

Mold cleaning

Mold may have formed in the interior of the industrial facility. This is because in factories there is a lot of moisture and because of the heat generated, the walls can stay continuously warm, creating an ideal environment for the growth of mold. Mold cleaning requires great care.

Why Should You Opt for a Professional Industrial Cleaning Service?

Industrial cleaning requires great precision and care. So, you need to opt for a professional industrial cleaning service to make sure that your needs are met. Cleaning an industrial location is a full-time, labor-intensive job that requires extreme attention to detail. You need expert cleaners for such a job and therefore the need for a professional cleaning service. 

Because facilities operate 24x7, any time devoted to industrial cleaning translates to unwanted downtime, which in turn means unnecessary expense incurred. The job also has to be done instantly and reliably. All of these requirements are better met by a professional industrial cleaning service

Worried about whether the chemicals used in the cleaning are good for the planet? To make sure that your sustainability goals are met, you must opt for a cleaning service. 

Sometimes pipe cleaning may require dismantling or disassembly. But if the cleaning service, such as the one from CleanPro follows CIP, or clean-in-place cleaning, then no dismantling or disassembly is required. The pipes can be cleaned as is or cleaning techniques suited to CIP would be used.

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Why Should You Opt for Cleanpro for an Industrial Cleaning Service?

  1. CleanPro is the #1 cleaning service provider for every cleaning need, including industrial cleaning in Bangalore. 
  2. Only top-of-the-line HEPA-filter fitted vacuum cleaning devices and pressure washers are used for washing. We check the working condition of all our equipment periodically to ensure they are in good working condition.
  3. An uninformed visit is also performed by a supervisor to ensure that the site is safe for everyone and that the cleaning quality is great.
  4. Every service personnel’s health is monitored before they visit your site for cleanup top make sure that they are disease-free.
  5. Our service personnel are trained by us and have an experience of at least 5 years in cleaning services.
  6. Our personnel are instructed to follow the checklists that we provide them for cleaning. Any special instructions that you may have will also be accommodated.
  7. We offer a quality guarantee for all the services we provide. Every cleaning service we offer is also insured, which gives the customer great peace of mind.
  8. Our industrial cleaning services are affordable and value for money. We offer flexible payment options for every plan offered. Any booking made with us can be rescheduled or canceled by the customer easily. 
  9. There are no hidden costs in any booking for the industrial cleaning with us. The customer will be appraised of every cost on time so you can plan the cleaning service accordingly.
  10. We only have individual bookings for a cleaning service, so you can breathe easy. There is no lock-in contract, which might prove more expensive and unnecessary for companies.