Mattress Cleaning Services in Bangalore

A good night’s sleep must be affordable for everyone. But even if you have an air conditioned room to sleep in, do sleep at the right time, and have a great mattress to sleep on, you may still not be able to. You may have a bad sinus or a night time restlessness that will not go away. 

You can blame the stress you have at work, and it may be difficult at first to blame your mattress, but what if it was the mattress? You would most certainly be better served if you availed a mattress cleaning service, especially in Bangalore. And preferably such cleaning must happen on a regular basis, if not monthly, then once in six months at least. 

And it would benefit not just you, but your partner and everyone else in your family too if you did the cleaning in time. So stop flipping that mattress if you are unhappy with how unclean it is. It is not going to help in the long run. Flipping the mattress is a bad idea because the mites and bugs in the mattress will only go deeper within the mattress, and removing them even with a professional mattress cleaning service would become even more difficult.

What Are the Steps in Mattress Cleaning?

The Steps in a Mattress Cleaning Service Are:

  • Inspection

Inspect the mattress to understand the extent of damage within the mattress. The mattress cleaning specialist then dials down to how the mattress must be cleaned.

  • Vacuuming

Vacuum the mattress to get rid of dust, hair and dirt that is present on and within the mattress.

  • Sprinkling baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda to get rid of all the odors in the mattress and have the mattress looking fresher.

  • Second round of vacuuming

A second round of vacuuming is carried out to get rid of the baking soda that was applied in the previous stage.

  • Removing stains

In this step, special equipment and materials are used to carefully remove the stains present in the mattress without causing any damage to it. 

  • Air drying the mattress

This is the last step in the mattress cleaning service. The mattress is air dried to ensure that the last bit of moisture leaves the mattress and that it becomes just right to sleep on in an hour.

Mattress Cleaning Prices for One Time

Mattress cleaning service prices


  • Orders placed with us must have a minimum value of ₹1750.
  • Above prices are all inclusive of GST.

Why use a professional mattress cleaning service in Bengaluru?

Mattress cleaning can be done by an individual at home, thanks to DIY videos on the Internet. But the problem with a few of such videos is that the chemicals they suggest you use may actually damage your mattress. Also, there is no consensus on the Internet as to what works and what doesn’t. And because a mattress forms an integral part of your routine and you spend up to nine to ten hours sleeping on it, therefore it must be cleaned periodically, preferably every month. 

Mattress cleaning also requires certain equipment for cleaning and drying which you may not have at home. This means that you must rely on cleaning professionals from a reputed mattress cleaning service to get the job done. Every mattress also requires a different cleaning routine, which only a cleaning professional is likely to know or have mastered over years of work. Did you know that mattress cleaning extends the life of your mattress as well? All the more reason to hire a professional mattress cleaning service

Why Use Cleanpro for Mattress Cleaning?

  1. CleanPro’s cleaning methods are safe for all mattress types – innerspring, hybrid and memory foam. They do not damage the mechanism by which the mattress work or alter its composition in any way. 
  2. We use strong and pleasing scents while cleaning a mattress. Our in-house heavenly citrus scent is a crowd pleaser.
  3. Our mattress cleaning equipment and materials are pet and family safe and we use only the latest tech for mattress cleaning in every home.
  4. The mattresses are generally restored to a ‘like new’ condition with the exception of a few. This means that you can continue to use the same mattress and not buy a new one.
  5. Our cleaning methods help to reduce the allergens in the mattress and prevents the spread of allergic reactions in your kids and other members of your family.
  6. The mattress cleaning service takes very little time, the mattress dries in about an hour, and you can get back to sleeping on it very soon.
  7. We offer easy bookings and flexible payment options. The customer can easily reschedule or cancel the bookings.
  8. Our services are insured, which gives the customer peace of mind.
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