Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Your home is a measure of your achievement in life. And you can’t boast of a great home until the tiles you have put are great looking and laid out appropriately. When guests visit your home, they will make a note of how great your floors and walls look, just as much as the appliances you have in your home. But the work is not done even after the tiles are laid, and you need to regularly clean and repair them for any chips or cracks using a tile and grout cleaning service   

There are precautions that you must take post the laying of tiles, which depend on the type of tile chosen and the conditions in and around your house. The grout must be added just as carefully as the tiles are laid, and they must be maintained just as carefully as the tiles.

What Are the Steps in Tile and Grout Cleaning?

For Tiles:

  1. Sweep up loose debris, dirt, and dust using a brush and then vacuum clean the tile surface at low pressure.
  2. Pick a rag mop to clean the tiles, and only using water and detergent soak up all the dirt on the tile surface. Avoid using a sponge mop as it can push the dirty water back into the grout damaging the tiles.
  3. Check for tile stains. Make sure it is not part of the relief or coloring of the tiles. Then use an appropriate cleaner to remove them. 
  4. Remove the soapy residue on the tiles, if they appear hazy after washing. Use a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner to remove the soapy film.
  5. Use a clean cloth to wipe the floors clean instead of allowing the floors to air dry. This will ensure that no water spots are formed on the tiles.
Tile and Grout cleaning services
Tile and Grout cleaning services

For Grout:

  1. Make a grout cleaner by mixing baking soda and water. Commercial cleaners, though great for cleaning, must be used with great care. They must be used by a cleaning expert, as they can break down the grout if used in excess.
  2. After allowing enough time for the grout cleaner to absorb all the dirt, scrub the grout by using a brush, but do so gently. Use a nylon brush that will not damage the grout. Applying too much force can disturb the grout and in turn affect the tiles.
  3. Use a silicon-based sealer to seal the grout and complete the tile and grout cleaning process. 

Why Do You Need a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?

There are many reasons why you must opt for professional tile and grout cleaning. Many would just go for one tile cleaner for any type of tile. We are going to spill the beans here. Different types of tiles require different cleaning solutions. A porcelain tile is cleaned in a certain way and a granite or limestone in another way. An expert cleaning services provider will be aware of the difference.

Only experts from a professional floor tile and grout cleaning service will know how frequently the grout must be cleaned, and if it is dirty enough to be cleaned. Sometimes the grout is over cleaned, and this can cause it to actually absorb some of the dirt, and in turn affect the tiles. 

Assessing the level of soapy residue on the floor is also a tricky task. If there is excess soap on the floor, it must be removed. The same goes for water spots as well. You need a trained eye.

Mold and germ removal can also be a tricky task. If the mold and germs are not removed completely, then they can spread again and lead to further infections. Only a trained tile and grout cleaning service provider will be able to do this task to perfection.

Why Should You Opt for Cleanpro’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?

  1. CleanPro’s tile and grout cleaning service is safe for all of tiles – porcelain, ceramic, marble, limestone, granite etc. Each tile is cleaned using a different method and so the tiles are not damaged.
  2. When our service is done, we leave the tiles smelling fresh and great. We eliminate all odor-causing germs in the bathroom and kitchen.
  3. The materials we use for cleaning the tiles are safe for both humans and pets, and are effective too. The equipment we use to dry the tiles is the best in the market.
  4. In most cases, the tiles and grout can be restored to a “like new” condition. They wouldn’t need to be replaced.
  5. Our tile and grout cleaning service takes very little time and you are free to use the bathroom or kitchen sooner than you’d expect.