Ever tried to clean an apartment by yourself? If you have you would know how tedious it is. And if you are a professional whose 90% of the time is consumed by your work life, it is even more difficult to get to those chores at your home. These are times you should go for apartment cleaning services as they can be a useful solution in helping you keep your home clean.

CleanPro is one of the leading professional cleaning services in Bangalore known to provide top notch services to customers that is tailored to their specific needs. Our cleaning services can help provide you with a cleaner, healthier, and more organized home.

We have the resources that are required to handle the unique challenges of cleaning your apartment. Whether it is for a one bedroom, two bedroom or multi bedroom apartment or a house in a standalone building we offer you customized cleaning packages that are perfect for you and is well within your budget.

Here is what our apartment cleaning services cover, in brief-

  • The shared areas
  • Washrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Gym room
  • Swimming pool.

We offer specialized deep cleaning services for your apartment, depending on your need. Our meticulous approach, expertise and experience can ensure your living space is spotless.

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Our Services

As part of our apartment cleaning services, we try our best to address each and every cleaning need you may have. Some of the services we offer are-

  1. Routine cleaning which involves common tasks such as dusting of surfaces, furniture, tabletops, cabinets, and electronics devices, followed by vacuuming of floors, rugs and carpets.
    • mopping of floors using a floor cleaning detergent mixed with water that helps remove the stubborn stains from the hard floors, giving it a clean appearance.
  1. Kitchen cleaning is one of the most commonly asked services by customers and understandably so.
    • We start by kitchen cleaning and sanitization of the outer surfaces of your kitchen appliances like microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc. followed by thorough wipe down of tables, and other kitchen surfaces with a high-quality cleaning cloth to remove stains and crumbs.
    • We clean the sink and faucets thoroughly with a disinfecting agent as they accumulate oily substances, stains, and dirt.
  1. Bathroom Cleaning: This is another important part of a household that needs a thorough cleaning. Our experts make sure they clean every surface with precision.
    • disinfection, Scrubbing and cleaning of the toilets.

We scrub the shower extensions and health faucets thoroughly to remove stains and scratches.

Bathroom mirrors tend to lose shine due to the mist formed and not attended to, so we make sure the mirrors are wiped well to restore their shine, leaving any traces of scratches.

  1. Bedroom Cleaning:
    • Your bedroom is one of the most commonly used in areas in your house, chances are it would have accumulated dust over time which is why we thoroughly dust, wipe furniture, nightstands, tables, and other bedroom surfaces.
    • Vacuuming of carpets or cleaning floors.
    • Additionally, we also change the bedsheets, pillowcases, and curtains if necessary.
  1. Deep Cleaning:

If you are looking for a thorough deep cleaning, we have the resources and the staff to provide you with services that matches your needs. Our staff will take as much time as required, will not rush through the deep cleaning process as we know it requires attention to detail and time to do an excellent job.

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Benefits of apartment cleaning services

A clean apartment is not just a basic necessity but is also beneficial in various other aspects. Some of the major advantages associated with a clean apartment are-

  • Increased property value- A clean apartment becomes naturally more appealing to potential tenants which in turn can fetch you better rates.
  • Reduced damage- Regular cleaning can avoid wear and tear or even breakage of furniture. It helps in avoiding quick deterioration of floors and walls and lasts longer.
  • Healthier spaces- A clean apartment helps keep away dust, viruses and bacteria that can cause harm to your health and provide you with a clean, fresh space.
  • Enhanced appearance- When your apartment is clean it is bound to look much more appealing to visitors, creating a positive impression.
  • Better indoor air quality- Accumulation of dust, pollen and other bacteria on your furniture, carpets etc. is common. Apartment cleaning services will ensure the removal of these particles and improve the air quality inside your apartment.

Why choose CleanPro as your apartment cleaning services provider?

CleanPro has secured a place as one of the leading cleaning companies in India, known for providing professional services. We understand well our customers’ cleaning needs and the effort and commitment they expect from us, which is why as an official cleaning provider we do our best each time. Hiring us provides you with the following benefits-

  • Saves time- With our professional cleaning services at your disposal you can save your precious time and tend to other important tasks, personal or professional, that need your attention. Our professionally trained staff not only work faster, but also end up cleaning your apartment exactly as you require without your intervention.
  • Quality service- Our professionally trained and certified staff understand the nuances of cleaning. We use specialized equipment and cleaning products that help remove bacteria and other harmful particles, leaving your area clean and sanitary.
  • Customized plans- We provide you with flexibility to choose your desired services that aligns with your schedule, budget, and cleaning priorities.
  • Cost efficient- To clean your apartment thoroughly you need the right equipment and resources that can cost you a lot. Our cleaning services bring the supplies required, so you will not have to spend on them. Additionally, we can do a much better job cleaning your space than you, as we have professional experience.

If you are tired of tending to your apartment cleaning and are not able to keep up, Clean Pro can help. We are one of the best apartment cleaning services in Bangalore, offering tailored services that suit your needs. And you need not think about how well of a job we can do.

Our trained staff have the experience to carry out a commendable cleaning job and provide you with a clean, aesthetically pleasing environment.

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