One of the areas that you often overlook, when it comes to cleaning, is your balcony and as one of the parts of your house that is most exposed to the outside surroundings, they tend to get dirtier than any other area in your house. You may only realize that when you occasionally step into the area for some air and are welcomed by a balcony that is dirty and uninviting. Nobody wants that. A fresh, clean balcony with gleaming surfaces is what everyone desires as it is a perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day.

As a professional or a homemaker, you may not have had the time to clean your balcony, this is when you need to call in the professionals. As a leading professional cleaning services provider, we provide top notch balcony cleaning services in Bangalore.

Balcony cleaning services in Bangalore
CleanPro Balcony cleaning services in Bangalore

Why choose us?

CleanPro is a leading professional cleaning company in Bangalore offering a wide range of professional cleaning services. Our company houses professional, certified staff that are well equipped to address your cleaning challenges as per your need. From floors, to walls, railings, and furniture, we incorporate advanced techniques to give your balcony a thorough deep cleaning, taking care of every nook and corner.

Our Services

Our professionally trained cleaning staff makes sure that your balcony is cleaned thoroughly, leaving no dirty spots behind. As part of our full-scale balcony cleaning services, we offer the following-

1. Balcony floor cleaning

The floors of your balcony are most prone to dirt and dust. Outdoor floors are most porous in nature due to which it absorbs more spills. As professionals, we use specialized commercial grade equipment that gets the dirt, and dirty water at the same time, leaving a dry, clean balcony floor behind.

2. Balcony windows and doors cleaning

We offer balcony window and door panels cleaning that includes dusting, washing, and wiping it dry. With the right products we make sure that your balcony windows are crystal clear by the time we finish. You’ll surely see the difference.

3. Balcony furniture cleaning

If you have an easy chair, tables, or any other furniture on your balcony, we make sure that all of it is cleaned perfectly leaving no trace of dirt or dust.

4. Removal of cobwebs

The dirt and dust on your balcony not only attract pests like mosquitoes and insects but are also home to spiders and cobwebs. It’s important to make sure that the cobwebs are removed on time. As part of our balcony deep cleaning services, our cleaning specialists clean all the corners and remove the cobwebs discouraging the comeback of centipedes.

5. Cleaning of windowsills, vents

You may think once the floors, windows and doors are cleaned you are done. But the balcony has a lot of elements that require cleaning including windowsills, vents, cladding, tracks, and railings. As leading professionals in the industry, we make sure we address them all.

Why choose CleanPro as your balcony cleaning service provider?

  • We have professionally trained staff who understand the nuances of balcony cleaning. With a keen eye to detail, our staff makes sure that every corner is cleaned thoroughly.
  • We understand that every balcony is different, made up of different textural materials that may require a particular cleaning method which is why we follow through a customized, tailored approach that delivers optimum results.
  • Our company’s reputation speaks for itself. As one of the best professional cleaning companies in Bangalore you don’t have to worry about how well your balcony will be cleaned. You can sit back and relax while we carry out the perfect job.
  • We use top notch cleaning equipment and advanced techniques to clean your balcony. Whether it is pressure washing tools or the right cleaning agents, we make sure that we keep your balcony clean.
  • As professionals, we understand the value of your time. Our punctuality when it comes to service is unwavering. We make sure that the work is carried out on time as per schedule and doesn’t waste your time.
  • If you are worried about hidden charges that may come with our service package, then stop. We are upfront and transparent about the prices. You will have a clear detail of the price of the customized package, so that you have no surprises.
  • Our quality, expertise and experience in the cleaning service industry is top notch and our clients vouch for it. We are committed to our clients’ needs and ensure that their expectations are met.
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As a reputable, leading professional cleaning company, having served our customers for many years, we have a good idea about our customers’ cleaning expectations. In order to exceed the same, we make sure that we use the best products and equipment in the industry to address their cleaning needs to the tee. Our balcony cleaning services are the best in the industry, and you can surely rely on us. If you are looking for the best professional cleaning services in Bangalore, contact us today and we’ll offer you the right package and quality services.