If you have recently bought a new house or are planning to move into a new unfurnished house, which is completely empty, then your first order of priority would be to clean it top down. This is a good time to look for professional empty house cleaning services as they can do a perfect job of deep cleaning your empty house by addressing all the cleaning challenges. Professional cleaning companies such as CleanPro have experience, expertise and trained staff who can do an excellent job of cleaning your vacant house by using the right products and tools to deliver the best quality results.

They understand the nuances of cleaning a house well and can transform your empty home into a clean, safe, and beautiful livable space for you and your family to move in to.

Commercial cleaning services in bangalore

Our services

As one of the leading professional cleaning service providers in Bangalore we know not to compromise on the quality of results we deliver to our customers. We make sure to deep clean your empty home so well that it is ready to move-in as soon as our cleaning job is complete.

An empty home cleaning checklist contains various cleaning aspects of different areas in a home.  Here is what our empty home cleaning services in Bangalore encompasses-

1. Stain removal in all areas

We strive to remove all stains, the easy and the stubborn ones by using commercial grade products and equipment on all surfaces like

  • walls, floors, toilet walls, basins, faucets,
  • cabinets in the bedroom, hall, kitchen, and bathrooms
  • Exhaust fans, bathroom window
  • Ventilators

2. Balcony cleaning

We make sure to sweep and mop the balcony floors, walls and other surfaces enclosing the balcony area thoroughly before moving on to the other parts of the house.

3. Kitchen cleaning

Whether it is an empty house or a furnished one, a clean kitchen is an absolute necessity. We take care of deep cleaning your kitchen from the top down including slabs, walls, floor tiles, external parts of the stove and chimney, the vents in the kitchen and the exhaust fans

4. General home cleaning

This type of cleaning is usually the first order of priority when it comes to cleaning an empty house. It includes the general sweeping, dusting of surfaces and mopping of the floors.

5. General dusting

Fans, switchboards, windows, and doors are bound to have dust accumulated on them. We dust and remove cobwebs if any on all the surfaces and appliances if any in the empty home.

Why choose CleanPro as your empty home cleaning services provider?

There are several professional empty-home cleaning services available. So why choose us? Here are some of the advantages of choosing us-

1. Reputation

We are one of the most reputed professional cleaning service providers in Bangalore with a proven track record of providing top notch services to customers.

2. Experienced staff

We house a team of well-trained, certified staff who understand what and how to use industry grade products and equipment to provide optimum cleaning results.

3. Customized packages

Every customer has their own specific cleaning needs which is why we do not go by a one size fits all theory. We customize cleaning packages specific to each client’s requirements. Our aim is to provide you with optimum results.

4. Advanced techniques and processes

Deep cleaning an empty house requires some technique and high-grade equipment. Our well-trained staff possess the expertise to thoroughly clean your empty home leaving no stains, making it completely dust free. They are certified professionals who understand the techniques required to deep clean your home and carry out the same expertly.

5. Safety

We make sure to perform background checks on each staff member before they start their work at your home. Your safety is our utmost priority, and we do not compromise on it at any point in time during the process.

6. Environmentally friendly products

Our efficient techniques and eco-friendly products ensure the best quality results for your home. While we do use industry grade equipment, we make sure that the products we use cause the least harm possible to the environment.

7. Customer satisfaction

We provide high quality cleaning services to all our customers. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we do not forget that our business thrives on satisfied customers. Whether it is customized packages or better deals, we make sure we provide our customers with what they need.

Moving into a new empty house would come with a lot of inhibitions. Is it clean as per to your standards? If not, would you able to achieve the level of cleanliness you desire? CleanPro is the answer to your questions. As an experienced empty home cleaning service provider in Bangalore, we ensure that all your cleaning challenges are met to the tee. Our expertise, knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry ensures that we deliver the best possible results to our customers. If you are looking for the best professional cleaning services in Bangalore, then look no further and contact us today and we will provide you with the best deal and a customized package as per your need.