Laundry Services in Bangalore

A fresh pair of clothes or a shiny set of shoes can not only be visually pleasing to the eye but also give the wearer the gift of confidence. We love the way our clothes look when they are washed and pressed to perfection. The colors stand out, the whites remain white and the colors do not bleed. 

It is a great sight for the fashionista, and especially if the process can be repeated successfully over and over, it then becomes a dependable routine and an integral part of one’s life. Though some of us like to wash and iron our clothes by ourselves, many of us might actually prefer a laundry service to do it for us.

If you are looking to get your clothes washed, then you are on the right page. If you are looking to get your shoes cleaned, then you will be better served here.

What are the steps in the laundry service?

  • Identification and sorting

The linens are identified by customer and the details are entered into our system so that none of them are misplaced or lost and they can be easily tracked. They are then sorted into groups, which separates the lighter and darker colors and whites so that they can be separated in the wash. This will prevent colors from bleeding and keep your clothes looking the way they were before the wash but cleaner and fresher.

  • The wash

More than just water and detergent is necessary for a proper wash. The wash cycle begins with a flush, at a lower temperature. The temperature is then slowly increased so that any stains on the clothes are removed. The clothes are then bleached and rinsed to remove the stains and soils present in them.

  • Returning water to normal pH level

The washing must be repeated and the pH level of the water must be measured. If the pH level of the water is back to normal, this means that any leftover cleaning products have been removed. This will in turn reduce the possibility of any itching.

  • Extraction and drying

In the extraction process, the water is removed from the linen to prepare them for the drying processes. If enough water is removed during extraction, it can reduce the time that is taken for drying. In the drying process, the linens move into a drying chamber and when the humidity reaches a precise level, the process is stopped and the dry linen is moved via conveyer belts to the folding and ironing section.

  • Folding and Ironing

In the folding and ironing bay, the linens are folded and ironed into compact groups and dispatched for inspection. After inspection and checks to make sure the clothes are clean, fresh, and without any damages, they are prepared to be moved to the packaging and shipping bay, and they are packed and shipped to the specific customer.

Why should you go for a professional laundry service?

All necessary precautions are taken: If the clothes are washed at high temperatures, especially those prone to color bleeding, then clothes can get stained. Higher temperatures may not be suitable for certain types of fabrics as well. Drying at higher temperatures too can damage certain clothes. A professional cleaning service will keep all these points in mind while laundering.

They make the right decisions: A professional laundry services company will pick the right cleaning method to ensure that the clothes are in great condition. Some clothes will need a dry clean, while for others only a wash would be sufficient.

Healthier and more fragrant after wash feel: A professional laundry services company will ensure that the washed clothes are free of germs or any other impurities and that they also smell fresh and when properly ironed looked almost like new.

Why should you use CleanPro’s laundry service?

  1. CleanPro is a top cleaning service provider in Bangalore, and our expertise extends to laundry services also.
  2. Every member of our cleaning crew has at least 5 years of verified experience and are trained on work scenarios by experts in Dubai.
  3. CleanPro’s personnel use only EPA-approved products for washing and drying and equipment that are cutting edge and not easily affordable to give our customers that special care. 
  4. Our cleaning personnel follow thorough checklists and will also accommodate any special instructions you have for them.
  5. Our laundry service plans are easily affordable and flexible payment options are offered to the customer.
  6. 6. Our bookings can easily be cancelled or rescheduled, giving customers the freedom to decide how their wash must happen.

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