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Cleaning of your home is never joyful when you have a meeting or an assignment scheduled for the day or are professionally occupied. Handling house chore activities will be difficult when you have a newborn. Everyone will be happy to see the home clean, neatly arranged things intact and can just relax when they are back home after hectic work and a long drive back home from the office.

In all similar cases, you would want to hire a Home & Office Care who will serve the purpose of maintaining your house clean who will be referred by our friend, co-resident, or society. But an untrained helper is the same as a layman without any knowledge of cleaning which will again become a hectic task for your to teach and train them to make them fall in line with your expectations. Also, their security and continuity to the work cannot be guaranteed.

CleanPro is a professional service company that provides well trained, experienced helpers to exactly meet your expectations and work as per the company standards. All the staff provided will be verified and a background check will be done.

With helpers from CleanPro comes with safety and assurance, so you can have quality time with your loved ones, better social time, and helping hands. You’ll be happier to see all your surroundings are well cleaned and maintained when you are back from the office this time. With stress-free and happy life you can be more productive at your office work and ensure that your areas of the house are safe and clean such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden, and other spaces for your loved ones.


Our objective is creating an accommodating work environment for all our employees, ensure safety and security of each individual working with


Establishing processes brings order to the work environment and ensure all the activities are inline with the expectations.


To upkeep and and improve the building infrastructure, plan, and manage the assets applying the latest technologies in the market