Scrap and Waste Removal Service in Bangalore

Has your site been illegally used by people for dumping waste or have you completed the construction and is the debris and silica dust accumulating? Or are you worried what to do with the e-waste that has accumulated at one of your production sites?

Waste removal of any kind can be a very daunting task and needs careful planning right from how to handle it, what to use to transport it and where to take it. Is it meant to accumulate in a landfill or is it recyclable? These are some of the questions that a scrap or waste removal service might help to answer and thereby prove indispensable.

What are the kinds of waste that can be removed?

A waste or scrap removal services company will generally take both wet and dry waste in addition to sanitary and hazardous waste, further categorized into several groups. Taking an example, the waste can be categorized into the following:

  1. Food and vegetable waste
  2. Wet towels and sanitary pads
  1. Covers and packaging
  2. Used newspapers
Sanitary Waste
  1. Used sanitary pads and condoms
  2. Used syringes
  3. Used razors
Hazardous Waste
  1. Expired medicines
  2. Injection bottles
  3. Other medicinal discards
  1. CFLs and bulbs
  2. Batteries and cells
  3. Printer cartridges

Why should you avail professional waste or scrap removal services?

Are well planned and execute with care:

A waste or scrap removal services company can provide a cleaning service that does everything in the right order from the picking up of waste, segregation, transportation and proper disposal or recycling. In addition, the site will also be fumigated or sanitized if required.

Are Prepared for a contingency or emergency:

The waste removal service is well prepared for any contingency or emergency and have the best equipment and methods to respond to any situation. An example is a sudden and unplanned removal of waste after a number of years of illegal dumping.

Have the manpower necessary:

The waste or scrap removal service in Bengaluru will have the required number of personnel with the right experience for any waste cleaning. This is a more specialized cleaning and needs person experienced in that.


Why should you opt for CleanPro’s waste or scrap removal service?

  1. CleanPro is the #1 cleaning service provider, and we provide great waste and scrap removal services.
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  3. CleanPro has several certifications for quality and the standards we maintain in waste and scrap removal are in keeping with industry practice.
  4. CleanPro has a very good team that efficiently manages the segregation and decides how best to dispose each kind of waste and if anything can be recycled. These are some of the most difficult things to understand.
  5. CleanPro’s waste cleaning service is 100% insured for quality, which leaves the customer worry-free, allowing him to get back to living a good life post the cleaning.
  6. CleanPro is also tied up with several scrap dealers and you might even make some money by getting rid of the scrap you have!
  7. Every booking with CleanPro can be rescheduled or canceled easily, allowing the customer the freedom to go with another provider if he chooses to.
  8. There are no hidden costs in any booking made with CleanPro and all payment that is required will be shared prior to the first appointment.