8 Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows

Clean glass windows are something everyone desires and are also an especially important part of a home. Unfortunately, maintaining is them is quite a task because the attract dust and pollutants quickly. Also, they are high touch surfaces that are prone to fingerprints etc that leaves marks on them. Not only is window cleaning time consuming, but also requires the right technique and can be extremely challenging to get some stubborn stains and marks off it which is why most people put off this task for a long time. This only worsens the condition.

If you want clean glass windows that are shiny, you must clean them frequently. But bear in mind that you need to follow certain methods and use the right tools if you want them looking as good as new again. Avoiding some common mistakes will help achieve the ideal results.

Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your windows

While you may have an idea as to how to clean all kinds of windows including kitchen windows, sliding windows, window exteriors etc, you may be making a few common mistakes while cleaning them. This would have led to unsatisfactory results. If you are wondering how, you can avoid these mistakes and clean your windows easily, read further. Before that, take a look at some of the mistake you need to avoid while cleaning your windows.

1. Not getting rid of the dust before cleaning

Wiping your glass windows without getting rid of the dust and pollutants by using a vacuum cleaner with the right attachment is a mistake. When you wipe the windows without eliminating the dust you risk damaging the glass, streaking it, and leaving permanent marks on it, affecting the appearance, making it dull.

2. Using the wrong resources

Not just the accumulation of dust or pollutants but using the wrong tools to clean your windows can also cause permanent damage. Here are some things you would need to clean your windows-

  • Squeegee
  • Bucket
  • Sponges
  • Dry fibre cloth
  • Scraper

Lather up your windows using a simple sponge. Using a squeegee, you can get wipe your window clean. After using the squeegee, you can use a dry fibre cloth to wipe the windows dry.

Only in case of strong or stubborn stains you would need a scraper. Make sure you use a scraper right as it can damage the window if used roughly.

3. Using excessive force

Do not apply unnecessary pressure on the windows whilst cleaning. You need to use the right strokes and techniques, not strength to clean your windows properly.

4. Making use of inadequate cleaning solution

Do not skimp on the quality or quality of the cleaning solution when cleaning your windows. Using the incorrect solution or commercial products like bleach can leave a residue and can cause damage to the surface of the windows.

Its best to prepare a DIY cleaning solution to get the best results as well as preserve the quality of your glass windows.

5. Cleaning windows when the sun is out

Its best to clean windows when its cloudy, rainy, or foggy. Cleaning windows when the sun is shining does not give you time to follow the proper cleaning procedure as they dry out immediately. This could leave streaks on them. So, it’s best to avoid window cleaning when the sun is out.

6. Using the wrong technique or procedures

Not vacuuming the dust away from the windows before cleaning them, using the wrong cloth/sponge to clean it, using the wrong solutions or the wrong technique can cause damage to glass windows. Invest in the right sponge, fibre cloth, make a DIY solution and most importantly use the right technique and methods to clean windows.

7. Using paper towels

Paper towels are not recommended for window cleaning. Using the right material of cloth makes a significant difference in two aspects- ease of cleaning and results. Try to look for eco-friendly option to clean your windows.

8. Cleaning all the windows at once

We know that you would want all your windows looking all shiny and bright all at once but it’s not a clever idea to clean all of them in a day as you won’t be able to do your best on every one of them. Take one section at a time. Clean the windows of your bedroom one day, halls the other, kitchen windows on a different day etc. This way you will be able to clean them thoroughly achieving desired results.

Why is it important to be aware of these mistakes during window cleaning?

Window Cleaning requires a lot of patience and thoroughness. Avoiding these mistakes during window cleaning is important. Some of the advantages of avoiding these common mistakes in window cleaning are-

  • would help keep your windows cleaner
  • Will avoid damages
  • Can make your windows last longer
  • Will give you desired results
  • Will save future costs

Windows are an important part of your home. It’s important to keep them clean not only to achieve a pleasant looking experience but to also avoid dust and dirt accumulation that can lead to health problems. If you are looking for a professional window cleaning company, CleanPro is an excellent choice as we have an expert team of cleaning professionals and years of experience in the cleaning industry. Our professional cleaning services are one of a kind and we provide customers with cleaning packages that are suited to their needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you address your cleaning challenges.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the mentioned mistakes applicable to all types of windows?

Windows can be of different textures. While the mentioned mistakes are more relevant to glass windows, in general, most of the points mentioned are applicable to almost all types of windows.

2. How can I identify the best provider for professional window cleaning services?

When you are looking for ideal professional window cleaning services, you may want to consider a few factors –

  • Reputation of the cleaning provider’s company
  • Experience in the industry
  • Customer reviews
  • Services offered
  • Flexibility in pricing
  • Customized cleaning packages
  • Certifications of the cleaning company

3. What are some effective methods for deep cleaning windows?

Using homemade cleaning solutions are by far the most effective for cleaning windows. A vinegar-based solution is one of the best homemade cleaning solutions for deep cleaning windows.