Deep Cleaning vs Regular House Cleaning: What is the Difference?

Most of us, in general, only do regular cleaning in our homes. There may have been a time when you would have wondered if your house needs a deep cleaning. But what is deep cleaning? It is a type of cleaning carried out by professional cleaning companies. While you do have to shell out some money for deep cleaning, the results are unmatched when compared to regular cleaning.

To help you understand why exactly you should hire professional cleaning services and get a deep cleaning for your home, let us define the two terms and the differences between them.

Difference between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

While both regular cleaning and deep cleaning are done by professional cleaning companies, and both come with numerous benefits, mostly, customers look for professionals only if they need deep cleaning.

What is Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning involves your basic house cleaning that could be divided into cleaning daily and a weekly basis. The purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain the house dust free, preserve the freshness and appearance of the surrounding.

What is included in Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning involves tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping, wiping surfaces and other furniture, cleaning kitchen appliances, cleaning window frames and doors, removing cobwebs, emptying the trash etc.

What is Deep Cleaning?

As the name suggests deep cleaning involves a more through in-depth cleaning. It a more extensive cleaning that includes all regular cleaning tasks as well as time-consuming, and/or hard-to-reach areas cleaning tasks of your home. Deep cleaning can improve the overall health and safety of your home as it involves an overall sanitation of your home.

So, how often would you need to deep clean your home?

While it is not possible to carry out deep cleaning every day, you must deep clean certain areas/appliances/ accessories/others every week/month/once in a couple of months depending on their use.

On a weekly basis it is important to deep clean your microwave, shower, bathmats, carpets, and bathtubs. Appliances like your refrigerator can be deep cleaned once a month. Windows and drapes must be thoroughly cleaned once in 3-6 months. Mattresses, pillows, and blankets can be deep cleaned twice a year.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for a House: How to Deep Clean a House

Before starting the deep cleaning process, you need to know about the various places to clean in your home, how to deep clean different areas like the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and other essential information. It helps to create a Deep Cleaning Checklist for your home before you start the task.

What is included in deep cleaning?

1. Kitchen deep cleaning

Deep cleaning the kitchen is extremely important as it is the place where all the food is prepared. Maintaining good kitchen hygiene is important to preserve your family’s health. While deep cleaning the kitchen you must focus on appliances like refrigerator, oven, and microwave to get rid of food splatters that can smell over time and can act as a breeding ground for germs.

Make sure to deep clean your refrigerator once every month, whether its removing and disposing spoilt food or address spills that can cause bacterial contamination. Wipe down all the compartments in the fridge using an antibacterial wash. The oven must be deep cleaned often as it is extensively used to cook or heat food and, in the process, would have absorbed a lot of food smells that needs to be eliminated. Use a damp cloth and soapy water to wipe the insides of the oven.

Other areas and appliances in the kitchen including dishwashers, stovetops and sinks also must be deep cleaned.

2. Living room deep cleaning

Your living room is one of the most used areas in your house. It is essential to deep clean it occasionally. Carpets donning your living room’s floor must be cleaned once or twice a year and more often if you have pet or kids at home. Other areas in the living room like the furniture and tables must be thoroughly cleaned every day. Windows and drapes must be cleaned once every 2-3 months.

3. Bathroom deep cleaning

Bathtubs and showers are used daily which is why they must be deep cleaned often. The soapy remains that settles in the bathtub can breed fungus and bacteria if not addressed on time leading to skin infections. Your bathmats must be cleaned once every week as they can house bacteria. With a simple sanitizing wash or other similar detergents, you can get address your dirty bathmats. Clean the showerheads everyday as they can have mineral build up over time and block the normal functioning.

4. Bedroom deep cleaning

Again, it is one of the places you spend most of your time at home. So, how do you deep clean your bedroom? Your pillows must be cleaned once every three months, as they might harbour dead skin, oil, and other allergens. Your duvets, blankets and mattresses are also prone to harbouring smell over time along with dust and other particles and must be cleaned twice a year.

Although you may think your regular cleaning would suffice, our suggestion is that It is a clever idea to hire professionals to deep clean your bedroom occasionally, to preserve its health and freshness.

While regular cleaning can be carried out daily or weekly basis on your own without professional help, to get a deep cleaning for your home, it is advisable to hire professional deep cleaning services as deep cleaning involves a more thorough cleaning and requires certain materials, tools, and expertise to carry it out perfectly. CleanPro is a professional cleaning company specializing in all types of cleaning services and especially deep cleaning. Our expert in-house professionals are equipped to address your cleaning challenges as per your need and provide you with optimum desired results. If you are looking for deep cleaning services for your home, then contact us today and we will help you find the right cleaning solution suitable for your home.