How to clean a sofa at home?

Sofas get dirty. It is inevitable. Drinks get spilled, crumbs find their way to the corners and wedge themselves in the cracks of, pets shed hair, kids leave their muddy tracks all over the surface on this piece of furniture. Luckily, cleaning a sofa at home is quite easy. You only need some basic supplies.

Sofa cleaning at home is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Removed stains and dirt and makes it look attractive.
  • Increase its longevity.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odor and restores its original fragrance.

But before you start cleaning your sofa there are several factors you must consider like type of fabric, shape, type of stains, how dusty it is etc. Based on these factors, deep cleaning of your sofa may also be necessary.

What is the best way to clean a fabric sofa at home?

Fabric sofas are an aesthetic all by themselves. They enhance the look of the room just by existing in the interior. Add a few pillows and they become the most comfortable areas to relax in your home. However, as comfortable as they are, they do tend to get dirty just as quickly and to understand the process of your sofa set cleaning, you must inspect the sofa fabric material and determine the nature of the stains. Additionally, you must take a look at the manufacturer’s sofa care tag that provides you with information about the type of sofa before proceeding to clean it.

Here are the tags and what they mean in terms of how or what can be used to clean your sofa-

  • W -Instruction means that you can safely use Water-based detergents for sofa cleaning at home.
  • S/W -indicates that you must use solvents and water-based cleaners for sofa and loveseat cleaning.
  • S -says that you only need to use solvent-based cleaning chemicals.

How to clean a fabric sofa with stains at home?

Now that we have established as to what can or cannot be used to clean distinct types of fabric on the sofa, let us move on to understanding as to how to clean sofa stains!

  • Prep your upholstery

Once you check the cleaning tag on your sofa, you can prep your sofa to be cleaned as required. First order of priority would be to eliminate the dust.

How to clean dust from the sofa?

Take a brush with natural bristles and brush away the dirt on your sofa with gentle strokes or if you have a hand vacuum with a brush attachment to clean debris and dust use that. Make sure that you clean the cervixes of the sofa cushions where there can be lodgment of pet hair or food crumbs.

How to clean fabric sofa cushions?

Apply a wet paste of water and detergent to the cushion and allow it to stand for a few minutes and then rinse it clean. If you notice discoloration after rinsing, you should not hand or machine wash. Take the cover to the dry cleaner instead. Create a dish detergent solution for cloth covers.

After cleaning your sofa cushions, it will help to check if your sofa has bed bugs in it, as many a times we tend to ignore it. In that case sofa deep cleaning may be necessary.

How do you remove bed bugs from your sofa?

After vacuuming each cushion and the frame of the furniture, there are several options to help ensure that you have captured every bedbug. Cushions can be put in a large, sealable plastic bag and placed in direct sunlight until the temperature inside reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat will kill all bedbug stages.

Eliminate the odor using baking soda

Over time, your sofas develop a mild stinking scent and if not addressed on time it can get worse. To get rid of this odor you can use an upholstery deodorizer or use a natural cleaning agent like baking soda. Sprinkling baking soda on the sofa and letting it rest there for 20 minutes can take care of the odor and leave your sofa feeling and smelling fresh.

Use a natural cleaning agent to remove the stains

Use natural kitchen supplies as cleaning agents to remove stains off your sofa. Not only are these cost-effective but they are much more effective than commercial grade materials and are also eco- friendly. Ingredients like baking soda and vinegar form one of the most effective solutions to remove sofa stains.

How to clean a sofa with baking soda and vinegar?

Mix washing liquid with baking soda and vinegar to create a lathering solution. Apply it on the stains directly and leave it for around 10 minutes. Wipe it with a soft cloth after. But do remember to do a spot test to check for discoloration before you proceed with the cleaning.

Other than the above-mentioned ways, to remove dust, dirt and other debris and give your sofa a fresh, clean feel, you can even steam clean your sofa. But ensure that your upholstery steam cleaner or fabric sofa cleaner is safe to be used on a fabric sofa by reading the manufacturer’s instructions.