6 Benefits and Importance of School Cleanliness

Schools are institutions that define and shape a child’s future. A school’s Cleanliness plays an important role in creating the right mindset among the faculty, students, and the community. Aside from the routine cleaning of picking up messes left behind, sweeping and mopping, schools need to pay attention to cleaning the school campus more in detail. Right from the classrooms, hallways and cafeteria, every area must be cleaned thoroughly every day in order to create a positive environment for both the teachers and students alike.

Why is it important to keep schools clean?

A well-maintained school paves way for better productivity of teachers and contributes to the overall well-being and academic success of students. School Cleaning is a task that must not be overlooked at any cost. A clean school plays a key role in shaping the child’s future as it has a significant contribution towards creating a healthy learning atmosphere.

To make it easier and help you be more organized in your school cleaning endeavor, it helps if you create a daily cleaning checklist for the school.

In this blog we have shared some of the benefits of a clean school and to those who are present in it.

Benefits of maintaining a clean environment in schools

There are various advantages to maintaining a clean environment in schools. Here are some of the major benefits-

1. A healthy learning environment for the students

A clean environment directly contributes to the image and perceptions of your school. A clean classroom has an enormous impact on the level of learning of the students, and studies indicate that the cleaner the classroom, better the outcomes.

A dirty classroom translates to a cluttered, disengaged classroom. A clean one would not only be far less distracting but would also help students focus well on the teaching and learn better.

2. Reduced health risks

The COVID-19 instilled a fear in every individual about health risks. You can imagine the plight of parents sending their kids to school. The knowledge that your school doesn’t compromise on cleanliness and engages in commercial deep cleaning services performed by professionals, can reassure parents and staff of your commitment to keeping your kids safe and healthy.

Every area in a school is a high touch surface, so it’s important to make sure that every surface of every area including the equipment, doors, windows, tables, chairs, canteens, and washrooms are thoroughly cleaned to help keep the school germ free and prevent the spread of infections.

3. Long lasting school equipment

When you pay attention and take diligent care of your property and equipment, it tends to last longer than usual. While you can clean the school with the help of in-house housekeeping staff, they may not have the knowledge as to how to perform deep cleaning. Its best to engage in professional cleaning services occasionally to give your school a cleaning it deserves as well as preserve the equipment. Professional cleaners understand how to clean your school and the equipment without causing it damage and help restore its original quality.

4. Helps form a positive relationship with the parents.

Your school’s outlook is the first impression you give out to parents of the kids studying in your school. Sometimes it possible that a parent or two would have heard a negative review about your school. Keeping you school clean and well maintained is a healthy way to ensure parents that their kids are in a safe environment. The school’s cleanliness helps instil confidence in parents about their child’s physical wellbeing.

5. Productive, healthy teachers

Not only the students, but even teachers require a clean school environment to work effectively. Teachers must communicate and interact with hundreds of students and teachers every day. It’s easy for them to catch an illness or an infection and fall sick. As their employer, it’s your job to make sure that you provide your teachers with a clean school environment and protect their health as well as encourage productivity.

6. A strong first impression

The most integral part of a school are the students. You have a school if you have students, and to have students, you must make sure that your school strikes a first good impression with the parents. The first thing a parent looks for in a potential school is their facilities, their maintenance and their commitment towards the health and safety of their kids. So, make sure that your school is clean and well maintained and gives off an appealing first impression. 

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary for schools to undergo deep cleaning regularly?

While it’s not ideal to expect a school to undergo a deep cleaning regularly, parts of the school must be deep cleaned as and when required, like the bathrooms, canteens, etc. Additionally, if you do have the budget to go for deep cleaning services often then you must take advantage of it and go for it.

2. What steps can schools take to maintain a clean environment on an ongoing basis?

Some of the steps that schools can take to ensure a clean environment on a daily basis are-

  • Emptying of the trash regularly- to keep the environment cleaner and reduce pest infestations.
  • Self-tidying up- Encouraging the students and teachers to pick up after themselves, would help a great deal as it would reduce the tiny messes that eventually build up if left unattended.
  • Provision of doormats as needed- Its natural for the school floors to get dirty due to the heavy footfall constantly. It would help reduce the dirt on the surfaces, if the school authorities provide doormats as needed.
  • Encourage hand hygiene- Make sure to encourage the correct procedure of washing of hands often for both kids and teachers alike to help maintain a hygienic environment.