Mattress cleaning services

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. Good sleep can help boost the immune system and help to fight off diseases, enhance your mood. But what contributes to good sleep? A clean, well-maintained mattress. This is why it’s important to deep clean your mattress as and when you deem necessary.

Maintaining your mattress is extremely important to promote a healthy sleep hygiene. But how can you preserve your mattresses good health? This of course depends on the nature of the mattress, texture, durability etc. However, regardless of these factors there are some tips to follow that will help maintain your mattress and contribute to a cleaner bed.

Tips to maintain a clean mattress.

Here are some ways you can protect your mattresses health and have a cleaner bed-

1. Using a mattress protector

A mattress protector is a protective barrier present between you and your bed. It absorbs all the dust, sweat, dust mites etc and other things that would nestle into the mattress if left unprotected.

When choosing a mattress protector, make sure you choose one that is durable, has thick fabric (if you prefer sleeping warm), it will help absorb the sweat. You can either choose

  • a fitted mattress that works a fitted sheet, and covers every inch of the bed
  • encasement type mattress protectors that come with zippers on the side that helps cover the bedding.

2. Wash your bed linens frequently

Make sure to wash your bedsheets at least once a week. Use a fabric softener if necessary to help retain its texture. Washing them often keeps the bedsheets fresh and contributes to better sleep at night for you.

3. Make sure that your mattress has the right support

Your mattress needs to have the right support beneath it so that it wears evenly. For example, for a foam bed, a solid platform is necessary, mattresses that have inner spring need a box spring that supports them.

4. Do not let kids jump on the bed

Jumping on the mattresses may seem like a fun trampoline time but this leads to faster wear and tear of your mattress. And your warrant may become void if there is extreme damage.

5. Flip it often

Flipping your mattress often is one of the most effective ways to make it last longer as it prevents forming a dip on only one side of the mattress and preserves the fullness of the mattress. This goes for most mattresses except a few exceptions.

6. Address and clean the spot stains immediately

If you spill something on your bed, make sure to clean the stain fast and immediately. One of the best ways to clean (for light coloured mattresses) it is to make a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub it into the stain. Let it sit for a good hour and then wipe it off clean with a towel. For dark coloured mattresses use baking soda, dishwashing soap and water.

7. Do not let pets sleep on your bed

We all love our furry little, four legged companions and love to cuddle with them. But they may have germs other ticks or parasites that could slide off and embed in your sheets. Not only does this cause harm to your mattress but can cause your health issues. So, get a separate bed for them.

8. Be aware of bed bugs

This is one most of us tend to overlook. A bed bug infestation is hard to catch, but if not caught and addressed early it could mean the end of your mattress. Best way to keep them out is to use an encasement protector.

9. Be careful when you are moving your mattress.

If you are moving your mattress from one place to another, make sure you are careful and protect it from any stains or smudges that it is prone to during the move.

10. Deodorize your mattress

After a point of time, no matter how clean or well you maintain it, your mattress may start giving out an odour due to the stains or sweat that it would have accumulated in the past. Do not let it get to this point. In order to preserve the freshness of the mattress you must deodorize it once every 6 months. Sprinkling some baking soda over the mattress can help maintain its freshness.

11. Follow the care instructions on the manual

Make sure to follow the instructions on the manual as nobody would know better than them and they would have given the right instructions to help maintain your mattress and make it last longer. The cleaning methods, whether to flip often or not, or any other useful information about your mattress would be given in the manual.

Cleaning a mattress with the above tips and tricks is quite easy. But of course, depending on the state of the mattress, sometimes, you may require professional help. If you are looking for one, then CleanPro can help as we are one of the leading professional cleaning companies specializing in residential commercial cleaning as well as other specialized cleaning like mattress cleaning.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I choose the best provider for mattress cleaning services?

Before you choose a cleaning service provider, do some research on them. Some of the things you can consider are-

  • Reputation of the company
  • Expertise and knowledge
  • Range of services
  • Price of services
  • Customized packages
  • Customer support

2. Can mattress maintenance tips improve the lifespan of the mattress?

Yes, using some of the maintenance tips can help improve the lifespan of the mattress. As these tips can help avoid wearing of the mattress, bugs, stains, and bad odours.

3. What are the potential risks or side effects of neglecting mattress maintenance?

Some of the potential risks of neglecting mattress maintenance are-

  • Quicker wear and tear
  • Bad odour
  • Risk of pest infestations

Stubborn permanent stains making the mattress look dirty