A house cleaning in time will save you the stress of doing so many things at once weeks later. We mean getting the bathrooms and living rooms free of cobwebs, cleaning the path to the drains, getting rid of cockroaches etc. And these are typically things people must have done before they move into a new home. So how exactly do you manage a move in cleaning service and what exactly does a move in cleaning checklist include? Let’s look at this in more detail in this article.  

What is Move in House Cleaning?

The process of cleaning a house before moving into it is called move in cleaning. To a tenant, move in cleaning is very important and is generally overseen by the owner. If the move in cleaning service does not happen before the tenant moves in, then they would have to do it by themselves and if it is a large area, then even spend time uncomfortably in a dark, dusty, unhygienic place. Move in house cleaning several steps which we will be looking at in more detail in the next section.  

What Is Included in a Move in Cleaning Checklist?

In a move in cleaning, always start with what the new tenant hopes to attend to first or what is of highest priority and then move to the next. It is always high priority to low, left to right and top to bottom in your cleaning journey. These are some of the things that you can do in a move in ready cleaning. 

1. Start by cleaning the refrigerator 

The refrigerator will be either unclean or smelly. Its defrost settings would be all wrong and there would be a whole block of ice in the fridge. Proceed by defrosting the fridge and then cleaning it out with a dry cloth.  

2. Then clean the kitchen itself 

Clean the rest of the kitchen including the countertops, the grill and the oven if any, so that the tenant now has a place to prepare food.  

3. Move to the restrooms and clean them 

The restrooms are the areas that need to be cleaned next. Make sure that the restrooms are cleaned, and any insects or other pests found are cleared out. Then make sure the toilet bowl and other areas of the restroom are cleaned thoroughly.  

4. Clean the living room and other areas 

The living room needs to be cleaned next. In following the top to bottom approach, make sure that the cobwebs in the ceiling are all cleared first, then the fans and light fixtures are cleaned and then you proceed to clean other appliances. Finally, vacuum the dust and dirt off the floor and use a wet cloth and cleaning solution to wipe the floor clean.  

Of course, at each stage of the above move in cleaning process, the item in that space needs to be unpacked and placed in each location. Looking for a move in cleaning service. Explore options on the Internet and pick the best.  

Closing Words

There is no perfect home, people make homes perfect. Do your bit to get your home clean and your home will thank you (if it could). Your guests will be happy, and you will be too, if you clean your house before you move in. If you cannot do it by yourself, rely on a cleaning services provider and get things in order soon with a move in ready cleaning service. Call Cleanpro, one of the top cleaning service partners in Bangalore, for a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I clean when moving in?

You must not only clean the house and its interiors but the surroundings as well. To clean a house before moving it, there are a few tips you must keep in mind. Just follow the tips we have mentioned in this article, and you would be good to go. Additionally, do not move into a new house immediately as it may have been painted recently. Instead leave the windows open so that the paint fumes leave the house.  

2. How to clean a rental house before moving in? 

A rental house can also be cleaned using the same techniques that are mentioned in this article. But a rental house may still have remnants of articles left behind, which must be carefully collected and returned to the owner. It may also have some other issues like leaky roofs or walls and infestation. Make sure you go over the house diligently to get rid of these problems.

3. How to deep clean a house before moving in? 

Deep cleaning a house, especially an old one, can be a lot of work. Make sure that you have the necessary materials before you start deep cleaning. The house may also require some renovation and maybe even reconstruction depending on the extent of untidiness or damage. Be prepared to invest in getting your home cleaned and pick the right home cleaning services partner to assist you before you move in, if the house owner has not already done so.  

4. How to clean a dorm room before moving in?

A dorm room is frequently used by people. So more than just deep cleaning, it might also require disinfection and fumigation, which cannot be handled by a person alone. You would need a disinfection or fumigation partner, so invest in the services of a cleaning service provider such as Cleanpro.

5. How to clean an apartment before moving in? 

To clean an apartment, please follow the steps we mentioned in this article for cleaning a house. An apartment also could have articles belonging to the previous owner and issues with the plumbing or drainage or even infestation. As an owner if you are managing the cleaning, then make sure you go over the apartment thoroughly and identify these issues before calling a cleaning services partner to help you with move in cleaning.