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Want to start cleaning your office but do not know where to begin? We know that feeling and a comprehensive office cleaning checklist could really be the thing you need. In this article we will cover the process of office cleaning and what tasks must be done and at what frequency. We will end the article by saying why you need a professional cleaning service partner for office cleaning.

What Is Professional Office Cleaning?

A cleaning that involves the dusting and vacuuming and later mopping of all the surfaces, equipment and floors in an office and outside is referred to as professional office cleaning. If your office cleaning requires special services, then those would also fall under the gamut of professional office cleaning and in your office cleaning checklist.

The Importance of a Clean Office

Let us look at some of the other reasons now why there is so much demand for the best office deep cleaning companies and  
, to begin with: 

  1. Your employees spend so much of their time here. An employee spends almost one-third of his life in the office, and probably even more. It must be clean to ensure they have only good things to say about you.  
  2. Your employees are influenced by their work environment. It does not matter how long they work or if they have breaks at the weekends. If the environment they work in is not clean, well-lit, organized and hygienic, their self-confidence and motivation levels are lowered. 
  3. Your clients come to you after seeing the office. The office is the first thing your clients see, and it affects what they think about you. A good clean office shows off not just your brand value but also showcases your levels of responsibility and accountability. 
  4. Office deep cleaning must be done regularly to ensure that compliance is met. There may be compliance requirements for a building. If a building is too unclean and unhygienic, the business’ license to operate will be cancelled by the authorities. 

How to Clean Your Office Professionally?

Your office cleaning checklist must be your go-to reference for all things office cleaning. It must mention the number of times you must clean the office; the estimated duration of cleaning and the office cleaning items and people who would be handling it. You can also do an audit to ensure that the cleaning activities are proceeding as per plan.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

To do an office deep cleaning daily, you must follow a certain sequence of steps. You always clean the interiors every day and the office chairs once in three days. These are the general steps in cleaning an office building daily: 

  1. Create a cleaning schedule and assign stakeholders to each duty. 
  2. Vacuuming floors and carpets every day of the week and possibly even on weekends.
  3. Emptying trash cans and recycling bins regularly at least twice a day.
  4. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and furniture such as desks, tables, and countertops.  
  5. Cleaning and disinfecting the flooring must be done.
  6. Dusting surfaces such as windowsills, ledges and blinds. 

 Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Here are some of the tasks that you must accomplish weekly. These tasks are to be done generally on the building’s exterior. And of course, having a maintenance contract that ensures weekly cleaning undertaken by cleaning service partner is a very good thing.

  1. Cleaning the façade of the building and the windows at least once a week. 
  2. Trimming the hedges and overseeing the landscaping if there is a garden around the office.
  3. Hiring a cleaning service partner with good experience to take care of the cleaning in a professional manner. 

 Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Your monthly cleaning tasks are high priority tasks and mostly related to disinfection, fumigation and sanitization. These are the tasks that you must take up monthly and must be given high priority on your office cleaning checklist.

  1. Detecting infestation and bringing in an eradicator to get rid of common pests such as cockroaches and rats.
  2. Undertaking disinfection protocols against any communicable disease that is spreading like Covid.

Additional Considerations

Are there any additional considerations to be taken while cleaning? Here are some of the things you can look at. These can be added to the office cleaning checklist as well, so you keep track of these things.

The kind of office cleaning items you use

You could opt for an eco-friendly one, if that’s a priority

The number of times you clean

If you are exceeding the count and the dirt is still not going, you may want to call an expert.

How often do you have to clean?

This is also related to the footfall. Do you operate in all the shifts? Then you may only have a small window for cleaning.

How good is your cleaning crew?

If you don’t have cleaning experts you can trust, you are treading the fine line between a bad job and a good job, and that’s not promising.

How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned? 

Office deep cleaning must be done once in day at least. You cannot reduce this frequency. You can always increase it, especially in specific areas like restrooms, which may need to be cleaned up to 2-3 times in a single workday. Plan with your cleaning coordinator, use the right office cleaning items and assign the right people to the duties, keep track of their progress and discuss with your employees if you are doing a good job.

These are the other things you must do while you are improving the cleaning process. If you are already doing all these things, then you are already doing a very fine job of office cleaning, and well deserve a pat on the back. Most importantly, you have a great office cleaning checklist!

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