Bathroom cleaning services

Often, we tend to overlook cleaning of bathroom taps and kitchen taps, although they are the most used parts on a regularly basis. But we shouldn’t be. While on the surface they may look quite alright and in usable condition, if you tend to ignore cleaning it, over time, it may lead to build up of grime or corrosion or other damage. Cleaning of taps regularly ensure that they last longer and work well without causing any problems.

What is tap cleaning?

Tap Cleaning refers to the thorough cleaning of taps using either home-based solutions or commercially available cleaning solutions to avoid grime build up, corrosion and ensure longevity of taps.

Common Tap cleaning issues and Solutions

When it comes to tap cleaning, there can be a lot of problems.

But first, it’s important to identify the issues associated with cleaning of taps.

  • Hard water stains buildup on the tap
  • Accumulation of limescale
  • Grime buildup at the joints and corners of the tap
  • Dirt accumulated on the knob of the tap

Depending on the different types of material used to build taps, there are various distinct cleaning solutions and methods you must incorporate to clean them effectively.

  • Remove easily removable dust and soil particles with a wet microfiber cloth. Then add Harpic bathroom cleaner and some water in a spray bottle and then spray the liquid on the tap. Wait for a few minutes and then wipe it clean with a soft toothbrush. This works especially well for metal taps. For a plastic tap, dishwashing liquid and soft sponge would do.
  • To remove rust or grime buildup you will need a special cleaning solution. There are both acidic and water-based solutions to remove rust from taps. We suggest you use the water-based solution, especially with a metal tap to prevent any kind of corrosion to the surface beneath the rust.
  • To remove limescale buildup you can either use lemon or vinegar solution and let it sit on the surface for a while, after which you can wipe it clean with a microfibre cloth.
  • For hardwater stains, you can use baking soda. Sprinkle it on the surface and leave it for an hour and then wipe it clean.

Where Does the Dirt Accumulate on Taps?

Clean bathroom taps are a sight to behold. But dirty bathroom taps, not so much. The dirt accumulates on the outside of the taps, sometimes at its tips or on the tap handle or the cap of the tap. It can also accumulate within the tap where it settles on the tap filter and clogs it over time, leading to blocks in the tap, when you may need to reseat the filter or change it altogether.

Simple steps for maintaining clean taps at home

Cleaning bathroom taps may seem like quite a task, but it doesn’t have to be. Now we know there are many ways clean bathroom taps but here are a few bathrooms tap cleaning hacks that can help make your cleaning process easier and much efficient. Using the following homemade cleaning solutions to clean bathroom taps not only causes least to no damage to the taps but is also environmentally friendly, effective and produces better results.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a great home-made tap cleaning solution. You can mix a solution of water and vinegar and then spray it on to the tap and leave it on the tap for 60 minutes. Only then must you wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

2. Baking Soda

To clean with baking soda, you must create a paste of baking soda and water and then apply it on the taps. This must be left on the taps for a few minutes and afterwards, it can be removed with a clean toothbrush.

3. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing liquid must be mixed with water. Only a drop of dishwashing liquid is necessary. You can then rub this on a soft sponge and wipe the taps down and get them free of grime, looking new in very little time.

4. Lemon

If there is a limescale buildup, let the lemon stay in place over for a few hours. Once the acid in the lemon dissolves the limescale, you can simply scrub away the loosened buildup with an old toothbrush or scrub pad. You can also apply lemon juice on a scrub pad and use it to remove hard water stains on taps.

Pro-tip – Cleaning metal plated taps

If you have a metal plated tap, then you must be careful while cleaning it and you should definitely steer clear of abrasive cleaning products.

  • To clean these taps you can use your usual lemon and vinegar. Post the application you can wipe off the grime buildup with a micro fibre cloth and wipe it dry after.
  • To do a deep clean, use a dilute mixture of mild soap and distilled water on a sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • If there are hard water stains on your fixtures, make a dilute mixture of baking soda and distilled water to clean them up. You can use the edge of a soft cloth or sponge dipped in the solution to clean each spot.

Hire an Expert for Deep Kitchen or Bathroom Cleaning

Your kitchen or bathroom is a matter of deep pride for you. You take pleasure and have great self-esteem in knowing that they are hygienic and clean. Do not let an unclean tap, your attention never went to make you feel otherwise. If you want a thorough cleaning of taps, then talk to the experts. CleanPro, with over a decade of experience, understands your cleaning concerns well and has the resources to provide you with a well fitted solution that can keep your taps shining and sparkling for a long time.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to remove limescale from taps?

Soak a rag or a cloth in vinegar or lemon juice and wrap it around your tap, ensuring all areas are covered. Secure the cloth with an elastic band and leave for an hour. Occasionally squeeze the cloth to release more of the acid onto the tap. Remove the cloth and wipe away the limescale.

2. How to Remove hardwater Stains from taps?

To remove stains, try using baking soda. It is very strong and alkaline and will help you remove the stains fast. Dishwashing liquid also works.

3. How to clean steel taps?

A bathroom water tap that is made of brushed steel will have a normal steel-like finish only, preferred in most households, as they find it easy to clean such taps. For cleaning steel taps, you must never use a vinegar or lime solution to clean a steel tap. You are allowed to use dishwashing powder or merely wipe it with water and microfiber cloth. You can use a soft sponge to clean bathroom taps but never a hard sponge. Also always wash in the direction of the grain of the metal on the tap, if that is visible. If the steel is not of great quality, then it can rust, and we have described how to clean such a tap later in the article.

4. How to clean and disinfect bathroom taps?

To clean and disinfect bathroom taps you can use normal disinfectant such as Dettol to clean the taps in your home. This, when used as a tap cleaning solution, will help get rid of most germs on the taps in your kitchen or bathroom. You must disinfect your taps every time you wash them. And preferably daily once.