Moving out of a house you have lived in for a very long time? It is not easy, given the emotional baggage, but more so because of the cleaning duties remaining as you must manage the move out house cleaning too. Most tenants leaving a place try and leave it in a great condition, so that the next person finds it in good shape and can live there in the best manner possible, without any worries.

What is Move Out House Cleaning?

Move out house cleaning is undertaken by the tenant or the owner when the former is leaving the place of residence. It could be a move out cleaning for an office as well, when the office is shifting to new premises.

What Does a Move Out Cleaning Checklist Include?

Many sources describe how to maintain a house in a clean and organized manner. Here is one! But not many describe how to handle moving out house cleaning. A move out house cleaning service is important as it is a good thing to return the place to the owner (if on rent) in the exact same condition you moved in, clean and super fresh! Sometimes, it is also a clause in the rent or lease agreement to get the place cleaned before you move out. But in many cases, the move out cleaning is managed by the owner.

Here is what happens in a typical move out cleaning service. You must first organize the articles or items at home into separate boxes each labeled accurately. Once you do this, the process of cleaning begins, and the cleaning crew takes over. The cleaning begins from high priority to low priority areas, from top to bottom and from left to right in every room. Certain areas such as the kitchen must be cleaned first before other areas such as the bathroom.

These are the things that are on the move out house cleaning checklist:

  • Move the boxes containing items outside the cleaning area.
  • Clean the floors, tiles, doors, carpets, and other surfaces in common areas. 
  • Use disinfectants and sanitisers in your kitchen area to eliminate dirt, grime and grease.  
  • Clean the countertops, sink, cabinets and washing area in your kitchen.  
  • Clean appliances in the kitchen and other areas are also a part of the cleaning routine.
  • Clean floor tiles, walls, bathtubs, mirrors, toilets, showers, and cabinets in washrooms. 
  • Clean windows, lights, balcony areas and wiping fans.
  • Wash the floor with water and mild cleaning solution. In case of tough stains, opt for a more active cleaning solution.
  • Allow the floors and surfaces to dry under a high-speed fan or the sunlight if the cleaning happens during daytime.
  • Move all the items that were cleaned during the move out cleaning process into newer boxes and move them outside the house or in a separate area ready to move.

A Cleaning Partner Like Cleanpro Will Make a Difference

Entrusting the cleaning duties in a move out house cleaning to a trusted cleaning service provider is a great way to get the job done without much stress. All you need to do is organize your stuff properly and let the cleaning crew handle the rest. They will even take care of packing and unpacking for you! So, when are you talking to Cleanpro for a move out cleaning service?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I clean my house after moving out?

Generally, owners will take care of the move out cleaning, but as a gesture of goodwill you could handle the move out cleaning yourself. There’s an absolute need for cleaning if you are putting your house for sale on the market. A clean house will surely have a better impact on the buyer. Also, as mentioned above, it could be a part of a rent or lease agreement. But most importantly, if you feel your house needs cleaning after you move out, you should go for it. 

2. How to do move out cleaning?

Move out cleaning must be done in a certain order and by following a certain checklist. You must also decide whether you will be doing it by yourself or handing over the responsibility to a cleaning service provider. Move out cleaning must also be handled by experts as you are preparing the place for the new tenant, and it should be done in the best manner possible without damaging any items owned by the previous tenant.

3. How clean should a house be when moving out?

Are you taking care of the move out cleaning as an owner or as a tenant leaving the house? No matter how you approach it, you need to follow the move out checklist mentioned here and adhere to all the points mentioned so that the next person finds a very clean and hygienic atmosphere. It must be very clean.