7 Steps in Post Interior Cleaning
Interior design is an art and artists rarely tidy up after the act! You will find bits and pieces of paper and cardboard, wood dust, and metal shavings. How do you get rid of all this? There must be a specialized service that can help with cleaning up this mess, right? Post interior cleaning takes care of this problem and lets you sit back and relax while the cleaning service happens.

We at CleanPro provide interior cleaning services as well as one of our specialized offerings. In this blog, we will look at the steps in interior cleaning and familiarize ourselves with how the cleaning happens. Or you could just call us up at our registered mobile number and get to see it firsthand when we come over to your place to do the cleaning.

What are the 7 steps in a post interior deco cleaning service?

When cleaning the interiors of your home after a renovation, make sure that you

1. Sweep and vacuum all the surfaces

First we need to get rid of the dust that has accumulated. Most of the dust is accumulated on tables, fans, ceilings and walls. Use a vacuum cleaner on the tables and a broom on other surfaces to get rid of the dust.

2. Vacuum the upholstery

Next, we must vacuum every piece of upholstery, which will ensure that they can then be washed or cleaned with a wet cloth if the surface permits it. Else you could at a later stage submit them to a dry clean as well.

3. Vacuum and wipe down all the window interiors

The window sills and frames must be vacuumed and then once the dust is fully removed by using a tiny broom, you can then wipe them down with a wet cloth and let them dry out under a fan with good speed.

4. Clean inside all closets

Generally the cleaning crew leaves their waste on the floor, and when asked to tidy up, they move all that waste into one or more of the closets. Check every closet to make sure that they are clean and empty. Remove waste from all closets and prepare it for disposal.

5. Sweep and then disinfect floors after mopping

Floors will have different cleaning requirements depending on the material of the tiles. For example, you must use a different way to clean ceramic tiles and this is different from both marble and stone tile floors. Make sure that you use the right chemicals only, and what is meant to be used on that floor.

6. Dust and wipe down door knobs and handles and baseboards

The door knobs and handles not only attract unwanted dust and dirt from the hands of the cleaning crew, but they may also be home to germs. To get rid of these germs they must be dusted and wiped and then disinfected properly.

7. Sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms

A lot of interior work happens in the kitchen and the bathrooms. You need to sanitize the kitchen and the bathrooms as it must have been frequented by the cleaning crew. Make sure you disinfect all the surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms, after dusting and wiping them down.

Closing words

That’s it! Now you are all set to embrace your newly decorated home in all its glory. That’s all there is to interior cleaning. If you think you need and can afford this premium cleaning service for your home, talk to the service specialists at CleanPro and get a quote. We are waiting to hear from you.