What is Post-construction cleaning? Steps and Phases.

The ultimate goal for any construction contractor is to hand over the keys to a finished project to the client. However, it can’t be considered completed as there is a big mess left over post-completion. Construction generates immense dust that lies on the surrounding surfaces and even floats in the air. They embed themselves in the corners of a building, making the space dusty and dingy, negatively affecting the air quality. Since you will have your family or closed ones residing here you need to be extra cautious about giving them a clean and dust-free environment. You do not want your family or closed ones to be affected by inhaling this air, which can lead to respiratory issues.

What is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is the thorough cleaning of a newly constructed project or a renovated one for occupancy. The process includes the removal of debris, dust and other contaminants that embed during the construction process.

What are the Steps Involved in a Post-Construction Cleaning

The post-construction cleaning happens after an inspection and review of the extent of cleaning it requires and the possible challenges that will be faced during the cleaning process. The post-construction cleanup must be performed only by an expert with a mask and gloves and proper equipment. The sequence of the steps may vary on a case-by-case basis.

1. Cleaning of doors, glass, frames, cabinet interiors and fixtures

2. Dusting and cleaning the walls in every room

3. Dusting of the furniture and fittings

4. Vacuuming and sweeping all the surfaces that are dusted, including hardwood, tiles, and linoleum

5. Removing glue, paint, and stickers from the glass

6. Removing dust from the woodwork and baseboards

7. Vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing all the floors

8. Cleaning and disinfecting all the bathrooms and toilets, sinks and showers

9. Cleaning of air vents, diffusers, and grills

However, note that all of the above may not be included in your project. This is only the general scope of work. To know what is inclusive of the post-construction cleaning it is best to consult with a professional cleaning company such as CleanPro to ensure that the areas are cleaned to your satisfaction.

What are the Different Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning?

There are typically three phases in the post-construction cleaning process to ensure that the building is fully clean, free of dust and other particles that can cause harm to the people.

1. Rough cleaning phase

This type of cleaning takes place immediately post-construction. During this phase, the cleaning crew focus on removing debris, dust, and other contaminants from the surfaces. It includes the removal of drywall dust, sweeping and vacuuming of floors and cleaning of surfaces of windows and glass. Sometimes it may also include the cleaning of HVAC systems, ducts and vents depending on the need and cleaning inclusions given by the cleaning company.

2. Touch-up cleaning

This is done once the construction work is completed before the final inspection. It includes polishing and cleaning of all surfaces, as well as fixtures and hardware. It also includes disinfecting and cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Final cleaning phase

The final phase of cleaning happens just before the moving in of your client. In this phase the focus is on making the place fully ready for a live in. One last thorough cleaning that includes a final dusting and sweeping of the building.

Why Should you Consider Hiring a Professional Post Construction Cleaning Company?

Often, homeowners and property managers overlook the need for a thorough post construction cleaning, thinking about the overhead costs. While you can do the cleaning yourself, there are a number of reasons why you should consider calling in the pros.

1. Safety

Dusty surfaces and polluted air can cause a lot of harm and breathing difficulties if the right safety measures are not taken. Professional cleaners understand that and take the right precautions and know what PPE to wear to avoid any harm or injury.

2. Expertise in cleaning

We know that anyone can clean. But only a professional who is trained in the best methods is qualified to clean a building that involves complex cleaning of every surface and type of stain. Professional cleaners are trained to deep clean and not overlook places that one would generally.

3. Pro-equipped

There are places that can be cleaned by yourself with minimal equipment. But if its a building in the post construction phase you need the right hands and the right equipment to do it. Cleaning professionals have the right tools that can make for perfect commercial cleaning solutions. They also have the expertise to deliver quicker and better results.

4. Budget

You may think why spend this kind of money on just mere cleaning when you can do it yourself by bringing in your own equipment. You may want to think again! The cost of cleaning materials and tools, equipment rental, and trash disposal can quickly mount up. And to top that if something goes wrong it may end up costing you thousands. With a professional cleaning company you can avoid this hassle and sit back and relax once you pay a fixed price that is within your budget.


Post-construction cleaning is an essential step in any remodelling or building project. If you are looking for a professional cleaning company that can deliver you with the immaculate space you envisioned, hit us up at CleanPro as we are known to be one of the best cleaning companies. Also, we make a great choice for post-construction cleanup and other commercial cleaning services.