What does Pool Cleaning include? Complete Details

You first thought that you get when you see a pool is “how amazing will it be, if you were dipping in the cool waters”. It probably won’t even occur to you at that point as to how clean or unclean the water.

Swimming pool cleaning is tedious job as there are several tasks associated with. Regardless of the season, you need to concentrate on the upkeep of the pool.  Cleaning it yourself may not be the best idea as you may not be able to do a thorough job of it. If you want it done right, its best to outsource your pool cleaning task to a professional cleaning company.

What is the Procedure of Cleaning a Swimming Pool?

A weakly maintenance of the swimming pool is necessary to ensure clean and safe water through the season. The procedure of swimming pool cleaning involves the following steps-

  • Skimming off leaves and debris floating in the pool
  • Brush off the sediment settled on the pool walls
  • Manual or automatic vacuuming depending on the need
  • Cleaning out the skimmers
  • Keeping the pump running
  • Check the filter and Backwash as required
  • Test the water and add chemicals as necessary

What do Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Mean?

A swimming pool maintenance service refers to an expert who understands the dos and don’ts involved in a pool maintenance. It usually involves a group of experts who are trained tasks related to pool cleaning and maintenance, ensuring they are safe for people to enter. They even deal with structural issues of the pool like leaks and cracks on the walls.

The swimming pool maintenance services vary from cleaning and maintaining a pool to hiring professionals or lifeguards who can watch over the safety of people when they are in the pool.

Some of the cleaning and maintenance services include-

1. Deep Cleaning

If it is an outdoor pool, then you are bound to have debris floating in your pool, as there is no screen to protect it. Outdoor pools are known to collect leaves, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see pebbles, bugs, or twigs as well.

Leaving these floaters unattended not only makes the pool look dirty, but leads to clogging of pipes, pumps, or filter baskets, which can end costing you eventually.

Professional cleaners first skim the surface of water to clean up large debris, followed by a vacuuming beneath the pool if necessary to clear out any clogs.

2. Chemical Balancing

Having a chemical balance that is in a certain PH range, in a pool is necessary. The right pH range for your pool should fall between 7.4 and 7.6.

Why is a pH balance necessary? A pool that is very acidic tends to be corrosive or a pool that is too alkaline causes scaling, causing green pool syndrome. This is caused by an unbalanced pH in the pool.

Usage of the pool is also one of the major factors to consider. Professional pool cleaners ensure that they add chemicals, as part of the maintenance of the pool, to make it safe to swim.

3. Pool Equipment Inspection

Everyone knows that stagnant water is home for breeding bacteria, algae insects, and other organisms. Since a pool consists of still, stagnant water it is bound to be attacked by bacteria.

A combination of the right chemical treatments along with a pump can help you maintain your pool. Pumps circulate water, helping in keeping your pool clean. Swimming pool cleaning services involves cleaners inspecting your pump, whether the intake and return valves are working properly as it should be.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Services?

Having your personal pool is surely satisfying but also adds up to a lot of work. Without frequent pool cleaning and the addition of necessary chemicals to it, there can be an increase in risk of infections which is it is best to avail professional swimming pool cleaning services.

Some of the benefits of hiring professional pool cleaning services are-

1. Avoid the spread of infections from the pool

Proper chemicals and cleaning need to be done to prevent infections such a E. coli from spreading. E. coli causes people to have diarrhoea but can also be fatal to young children and older adults. A professional cleaning service specializing in pool cleaning ensure that the pool is cleaned, maintained and balanced with the right chemicals preventing any spread of diseases.

2. Choose the right chemicals for the pool

A professional cleaning service ensures that they add the right chemicals in the pool. As they are skilled at what they do, they will make sure that your pool is thoroughly cleaned and maintained and is germ free.

How Frequently should Swimming Pools be Cleaned, and why is it Important?

A swimming pool cleaning is recommended at least once a week. In addition to vacuuming, you should also brush your pool’s walls, steps, and floors to remove dirt and debris, and skim the water’s surface and pool floor to remove leaves and other items, to prevent it from clogging, resulting in the need of higher maintenance in the future.

What Are Some Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Call in Professional Cleaners for Your Swimming Pool?

Some of the signs indicating that you need to call in professional cleaning services to clean your pool are-

  • Dirty water, discoloration of water
  • Faulty devices
  • Overpowering smell of chlorine
  • Dirty pool walls – Scaling or staining
  • Buzzing, gurgling noises coming from the pool (as it indicates a filter, or another part is broken)
  • A visible foam layers
  • Pests in the pool

Any one factor is sign enough that you need to call a professional cleaner

How Long Does it take to Clean a Swimming Pool?

Depending on the equipment used, cleaning a pool can take up to one hour and a half. However, on average, people spend around 45 mins a week to maintain their pool. This doesn’t include replacing equipment or balancing chemicals.

Cleaning and maintaining a pool are extremely necessary in order to make it dip worthy or swim worthy for people. If you are looking for professional pool cleaning services to clean and maintain your pool then CleanPro is the best option for you as we offer affordable, expert swimming pool cleaning services that are carried out by trained professionals who are thorough at their jobs. Contact us today to get a thorough cleaning of your pool.