What is Pest Control? And Types of Pest Control Services.

Pest Control is a method of controlling and preventing insects and germs in the area. The pest control method has been practised since 1200 BC to disinfect insects and maintain the surrounding. Pests are controlled through chemical and organic solutions.

What is Pest Control?

Pests are organisms that spread diseases, cause harm to humans and damage or affect the surrounding area. The best examples are mosquitoes, cockroaches, weeds, etc. These insects can be dangerous if not removed. Pest control is a process of controlling, managing, and eliminating insects. It helps in eliminating insects and helps them to live. 

What does a pest control provider do?

A pest control provider has different types of chemical assistance they use to prevent insects from encroaching areas and help in removing them. The pest control method is a treatment that has natural and chemical resources to prevent insects from entering surrounding areas. Such services are very effective and recommended twice a year.  

What pests are targeted by a pest control company?

Every pest is different and affects the environment is different ways. Likewise, pest companies are experts who study insects and use chemicals, organic to remove or eliminate them from your space. They use different types of solutions to eliminate insects. The most common service provided by pest control service providers is termite, mosquito, bed-bug control etc. In recent times cockroaches have also become a big problem because of not maintaining and cleaning the sewer line.

Types of pest control services

Pest Extermination:- It is a process of inspection where the company sends an executive to the infected house to understand the intensity of damage and take necessary action. They offer preventive measures for more effective service.           

Pest Prevention:- It is a situation where pests are prevented to ensure they don’t enter the compound or house. They are prevented by installing repellents which act as a solution that eliminates or reduces insects entering the surrounding/house. The best examples are gel and sprays which are applied on the cabinets and in the washroom.

Pest Management:- This is a process where prevention and cure are taken care of by planning the action which has to be implemented ensuring the damages are reduced before it grows bigger. Pest management is the first and last option to eliminate insects from your surroundings. They are permanent solutions to get rid of pests.

Regular methods used for pest extermination

  1. Chemical and Organic Sprays: – They are made from organic and chemical resources to eliminate and kill insects. It is the oldest process exercised and is labour-intensive work. The Spray process is dangerous because there are high chances of being in contact with chemicals that can cause allergies to the person.
  2. Fumigation: – This process uses a machine to release gas/smoke that kills bacteria, germs, and insects. It shows effective results in enclosed spaces. It helps to kill mosquitoes and germs and sanitize the area.
  3. Traps: – As the name suggests a trap is set up to catch hold of an insect. We lay a trap where the insects land on and get stuck. Later the trappings are thrown or re-used based on usability. Rats, mice, lizards, etc, are caught using this process.

Types of pest prevention

  1. Physical Barriers:- This process involves physical activity and ensures the pests are outside the house, meaning net doors and regular cleaning is performed. It is one of the oldest process practised to ensure hygiene. 
  2. Repellents:- This process includes chemicals and organic resources. These repellents eliminate small insects like mosquitoes, lizards, and other pests from entering the area. For Eg. We use Odomos and a similar product to ensure mosquitoes do not bite.  
  3. Sanitation:- Sanitation is one of the most essential aspects of pest prevention. It helps in cleaning spills like food and drinks. There are higher chances of being in contact with pests resulting in an increase in their count if the sanitization process is avoided.

Can you opt for organic pest management instead of traditional pest control treatments?

In the present situation, some companies practice both organic and chemical pest treatment. Organic pest control is beneficial because it is environmentally friendly and reduces health diseases. These resources are easily available and are cost-effective. However comparing the effectiveness, we believe chemical solutions can give you an instant and effective solution compared to organic solutions by adopting all the safety measures while using chemicals.

We can opt for traditional pests for plants as it is helpful for the fertility of the soil and provide chemical-free insects on fruits and vegetables. Chemical solutions can be used where fewer people are working.


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