Carpet Cleaning - Importance, Methods & Maintenance

A carpet with all its amusing elaborate designs is a thing to behold. There’s also that long carpet which covers the entire floor, in a plain colour and is the relatively boring kind! Whatever carpet it is, cleaning a carpet can be a laborious task and can you not clean it frequently? Absolutely not, you need to get it deep cleaned once a month.

What is carpet cleaning?

The removal of stains, dirt and other allergen from carpets is referred to as carpet cleaning. Many people try to do carpet cleaning at home by themselves, while others hire professional help. Though it is economical to do it by yourself, it is not recommended as it can damage the carpet.

Why is carpet cleaning important?

If you have carpeted floors, you spend most of the time walking on them. If you have several carpets for decoration, each carpet is of great value to you. You must use a professional cleaning service to ensure that:

  1. Each carpet is free of germs and dust mites and other insects that are usually found on them.
  2. Their texture, feel and the walking experience remains unaffected.
  3. They are free of dirt, dust and debris from construction or interior decoration work.
  4. It does not become a breeding ground for mould and other fungi.

How often should you clean your carpets?

The recommended interval at which you must clean your carpets is 6 months. Every 12 to 18 months you must consider using a professional service to clean and shampoo your carpets. If you do not take these basic precautions, the dust build-up would be too high, it would lead to disease, and it will become more difficult to clean the carpets later.

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning and Their Pros and Cons

There are several ways to get your carpets cleaned. After each one of these steps in the last stage the carpet is shampooed, the dirt and the shampoo is extracted and then it is allowed to dry. Let us now look at each method in more detail along with the pros and cons.

1. Dry powder method:

A cleaning product is combined with water, detergent and a solvent before it is sprinkled onto the carpet. It forms clumps on the carpet surface, which can then be removed by using a vacuum cleaner.


  1. Removes impurities on the surface only
  2. Not suitable for commercial cleaning


  1. It is every easy to carry out
  2. Does not take too much time

2. Encapsulation cleaning:

In this method, the vacuuming happens first. The encapsulating chemical is then applied. Once the dirt and dust is encapsulated by the chemical, then the carpet is vacuumed to remove the dirt. This is a low-moisture method of cleaning.


  1. It can be used for commercial cleaning
  2. It is a reliable method of cleaning


  1. Too much chemical could damage the carpet
  2. It is not a substitute to deep cleaning

3. Bonnet cleaning

Another low-moisture cleaning method, self-neutralising detergent is used. First the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. Then, the self-neutralising detergent is sprayed on the carpet and left for a while. It is then agitated with a rotary scrubber with a dry cotton bonnet (hence the name). The impurities solidify as crystals, and they are then removed by vacuuming. This is a method of cleaning which is highly recommended for commercial cleaning as much as for residential cleaning.


  1. Suitable for commercial cleaning
  2. Since neutralizing rinse is added, chemical never gets stuck to carpet


  1. Lengthy process and one that requires great care
  2. The bonnet needs to be replaced every time it is soiled

4. Hot water extraction

High temperature water mixed with chemicals is injected into the carpet. The water is allowed to mix with the dirt and soil in the carpet. This water is then dried from the carpet in some time.


  1. It is a deep cleaning method and suitable for commercial cleaning
  2. It kills the germs completely because of the heat


  1. It is not suitable for all types of carpets and may damage certain carpets
  2. There is risk of mould growth if carpet is not left to dry properly

5. Steam cleaning

In this process, the cleaning personnel uses a device to expel steam at high pressure and temperature, thus getting rid of dust mites, odour and even germs. Steam cleaning is a much simpler method of carpet cleaning.


  1. Very simple method of cleaning that is fast and effective
  2. It is suitable for commercial cleaning and deep cleaning as well


  1. Not good at removing stubborn stains, which require use of detergents
  2. A lot of equipment such as hoses and cleaning heads are required
  3. Cannot be done by oneself. Needs professional supervision

How do you choose the right carpet cleaning method for your carpets?

To choose the right carpet cleaning method, you must decide what is the priority for you, a deep cleaning, commercial cleaning, or stain removal etc. Are you doing the carpet cleaning to get rid of germs and insects only? In such a case, steam cleaning is the best option, but it is quite expensive and does not remove stains.

If you are looking for an inexpensive method that does only a surface cleaning, you can opt for the dry powder method or encapsulation cleaning. Are you sure your carpet would not get damaged by the heat? Then hot water extraction method is the best method to use to get the carpet cleaned. The only two deep cleaning methods are steam cleaning and hot water extraction method.

How do you maintain your carpets after cleaning them?

After cleaning your carpet maintenance is very important. Let us look at some of the things that you can do to maintain your carpets well after cleaning them.

  1. After using a high-moisture method such as hot water extraction or steam cleaning make sure the carpet is very dry, to prevent the growth of mould and other fungi.
  2. After using a low-moisture method such as bonnet cleaning, make sure all the detergent crystals left are removed from the carpet as this can attract more dirt.
  3. Clean the carpets every month and do a deep cleaning itself if possible as dirt accumulates very quickly.
  4. Avoid walking on the carpet with soiled shoes if possible as a lot of the germs and dirt get deep seated in the carpet.
  5. Avoid water or other liquids falling on the carpet as this can permanently damage them.

What are some tips for choosing a professional carpet cleaner?

There are a few questions you need to ask your carpet cleaner before you go in for their service. They are:

1. Does it contain chemicals that could harm children or pets?

Children or pets usually roam on the carpets on all fours. So, using a chemical that harms them is a deal breaker.

2. What cleaning method will they be using?

This is crucial because this decides the cost and the effectiveness of the cleaning.

3. How do they plan to get rid of the chemicals?

They must be able to give a clear answer to this question. If the chemicals and moisture are not fully removed, it could lead to disease and mould build-up respectively.

4. How good is their customer support?

Check if they have a dedicated line for support and if it is available 24×7.

5. Are they using modern equipment?

Modern scrubbers and vacuum cleaners will save a lot of time.

6. What do others say about their service?

Check the reviews on online sites and Google. How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

How long does it take to clean carpets professionally?

Expert professionals take a bit more time than usual to get your carpets cleaned as we pay attention to finer details and take all precautions necessary to leave your carpets dirt, germ and dust-free. They also use only the best cleaning equipment available on the market and our solutions are safe for you.

Closing Words

No matter how experienced you are with carpet cleaning, it is still a daunting task. And the difficulties do not stop even after finding the right carpet cleaning service. Can you entrust them with such a massive responsibility? Would they be up to the task? Let’s make your decision easier by introducing CleanPro, a cleaning service with internationally trained staff with several years of experience. So, when are you getting your carpets cleaned by CleanPro?


1. What are the best practices for carpet cleaning?

There are a few best practices for carpet cleaning. Some of them are:

Follow a routine for vacuum cleaning. Vacuum at regular intervals, preferably once in two to three days at least, so that the carpet remains clean. When vacuuming, use a vacuum cleaner at medium pressure to not damage the carpet. Make sure you reach hard to reach areas as well, with vacuuming attachments.

Tend to a stain as early as possible. 99% of all stains can be removed if tended to immediately. And 80% require only water to remove. If you let the stains to set for longer, then they will react with the chemicals in the carpet making it very difficult to remove.Do not scoop or dig food stains, else they will seep into the carpet. Blot them away using a damp cloth.

Elevate your furniture before you call a pro. Sometimes carpets need cleaning treatment from a pro. During this process, hot water or steam may be used for cleaning. It is advisable elevate all the furniture using supports if not possible to move them outside, so they don’t get spoiled.

Let it dry thoroughly before use. Make sure the carpet is well dried before you use it again. Even if you hire a pro, make sure that this happens. Using a moisture filled carpet could lead to growth of fungus on it or create a safe place for dirt and germs to thrive and spread disease.

2. How do you remove stains from carpets?

Stains must never be scooped up or dug into the carpet. They must be blotted away with a damp cloth and then too it must never be scraped or scrubbed dry. Use a damp cloth and press the stains away lightly. Most stains require only water to remove them, while others may require a stronger solution. Consult a pro as early as possible after blotting away the stain for reduced risk of a permanent stain.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning carpets?

Here are some common mistakes while cleaning a carpet: First, do not use a high-pressure vacuum cleaner. Second, do not rub stains into the carpet. Third, do not try cleaning the carpet on your own. Instead, always call a professional.