Types of commercial cleaning

What is commercial cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning is a type of purification done within business spaces like offices and their premises by organizations specializing in commercial cleaning services. The process includes Deep Cleaning and standard cleanings like removing dust, sanitizing the common areas, and disinfection to prevent germs and infection. Commercial Cleaning helps in providing a fresh appearance to the office premises.

What are commercial cleaning services?

Commercial Cleaning Services are a type of assistance provided to an office/ company to maintain sanitation and cleanliness within the premises. Businesses can elevate their company’s outlook by outsourcing their cleaning needs to a specialized company that has the expertise, is budget-friendly and helps in providing the company with a fresh workspace environment. Companies like CleanPro ensures the maintenance of Commercial Space hygiene and a neat and clean environment for offices in Bengaluru that are looking for cleaning services.

Types of commercial cleaning services

1. Workspace Cleaning:- 

Workspace Cleaning is the daily cleaning done within the workspace! This reorganising includes wiping the floor desk and other hygienic places. Everyday cleanout helps in maintaining a germ-free environment and allows employees to work in a clean, hygienic place free from dust.

2. Carpet Cleaning:- 

It relates to the cleaning of carpet or foot mats installed at the workspace. Carpet cleaning is essential and should be done regularly because it absorbs most of the dust particles due to the large footfall and the environment, in general. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner aids in fast sanitization. 

3. Window Cleaning:- 

Window cleaning is commonly done in domestic as well as commercial tidying. Window cleaning plays an essential role in allowing light through the Glass. Facade cleaning is one of the types of display cleaning where the cleaner cleans the window surface from the outside and is accessible from the top of the building, in a high-raised building, with safety precautions in place. For buildings, a ladder is used for cleaning.

4. Industrial Cleaning:-

It’s extremely important to keep up Industrial hygiene as it contains heavy-duty machines and other equipment. Cleaning and maintaining machinery helps reduce accidents, spills, and leaks. It is also considered a safety concern in the workspace. Cleaning helps in breakthroughs in productivity and increases the lifespan of the equipment and the health of the cleaner.  

Types of Industrial Cleaning

  • Builders Cleaning ( Cleaning of all surface Areas) 
  • Deep Cleaning ( Clearing done in detail)  
  • Janitorial supplies removal ( Cleaning and removal of garbage within the premises ) 
  • Graffiti Removal ( technique of removing stains/paint from wall or surface ) 
  • Floor Cleaning – including stripping and resealing ( It is a process of removing the existing coat and adding a new layer on the surface ) 

1. Kitchen Cleaning:- 

The kitchen space is one of the most important areas in the house, as the most important fundamental, essential function is carried out here- Cooking. Cleaning and maintaining the bakehouse is extremely essential to prevent germs, insects, and bacterial infections. Kitchen Cleaning is not about cleansing each accessory like knives, exhausts, cutting boards, etc. While cleaning the kitchen thoroughly, the following should be kept in mind.

  • Duct Cleaning (Cleaning of Exhaust, Chimney)
  • Oven cleaning(Microwave should be cleansed after every use or end of the day)
  • Fryers and other kitchen equipment 
  • Food Preparation System
  • Deep Cleaning

2. Warehouse Cleaning:- 

Warehouse cleaning is a tedious task. For obvious reasons. While it is essential to keep the surface of the workspace clean and tidy to give a good appearance, there is another good reason for maintaining cleanliness in warehouses- Unclean floors have more chances of slipping, spreading dust, and increasing health issues. Hiring commercial cleaners can help the organization clean up all garbage and maintain hygiene inside the workspace.  

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